Beyonce “HollyWood” ft. JayZ. I love vid-edit so I kept it up with this.


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  1. I love it… and its amazing how Beyonce has so many great looks for the vid… and all shes ever done

  2. okay i do belive that jennifer lopez is a beatiful and talented person, but when i heard that she was labeled as the most BEAUTIFUL women in the world…..thats a lie in the making, 'cause beyonce out matches her, and if u agreed thumps up.

  3. This video edit is sooo on point you did really good ! i love it

  4. low key im just waitn on dat day they get divorced cuz he changed her not for the better but for the worst she was good when she wasnt married to him i luv bey but just not wit jay

  5. omg beyonce should have released songs like this not RUN THE WORLD!!! This songs rockinnnn

  6. @babyphat009 its a song by beyonce called "t-shirt" lol..its just a song I was like wah?

  7. hollywood will let u have it for the gods mamas hahahah lol the drugs sex monet and prostutuin mamas the night clbs and all bebe u dont ever want it

  8. Thats what I thought… its just shorter on Beyonce's album… I wish they had done a video for this song cuz I love it!!! one of my favs!!!

  9. ok so this must be a remix version of the song cuz in the origional jay-Z is barley rapping in it…

  10. Thanks ,Beyonce and JayZ for this song about Hollywood and blessings to all the entertainers who left our Earth early, especially River Phoenix- be at peace with God in eternity, brother.

  11. Yeah, the more u go in 2 those things the stranger it gets, but maybe we should pray for them and hope that they will whatever they are trying to do will never happen. And pray and hope that those people will go out of those groups or secret things. Best we can do as fans or people who have an influence to what they are producing. Maybe we should prepare ourselves not 2 follow but stay clear, and try to live clear and just don't believe those things they are trying to sell to us.

  12. What do they all say?

    Take a sip sir
    It's so in toxicating
    ain't it
    try not to get jaded
    Hollywood's been good to ya
    Startin' feel like birds to ya
    Don't lie
    Gonna fly
    You addicted to the lights
    Without the fame
    How you gonna survive
    It's like living on
    You so high

  13. And everybody warning you about it (Try to told you)
    And once you taste you can't live without it (It's addictive)
    Not cause you choose to not live without it (Sure you want this baby)
    It's now a part of you (It's a part of you)
    It's now a part of you
    And everybody warning you about it (I see you blinded)
    And once you taste you can't live

    What does it all mean?

  14. Heroin's followin', Marilyn, hoppin' over the edge
    Just like Janice Joplin, river Phoenix,
    Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Morrison
    All of them ended by Hollywood

    Not 4 everybody indeed.

  15. This the song that we walked to in the hair show I was in.Great song to dance in with heel on.

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