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34 thoughts on “Biggest Hollywood Hypocrites | Compilation of Celebrities in Blackface & the Glaring Double Standard

  1. The hypocrisy is so thick you could cut it with a chainsaw! I love it dumb cow lies right to trump Jr's face! No i didn't then the dominant heffer pipes up defending her!!! 😂😂😂 Im rollin with laughter😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Frankly, to call putting on brown makeup and pretending to be another race is not racist nor is it the “blackface” of a century ago. Why can the Wayne’s Bro’s dress up as white girls and that’s not considered racist?

  3. Trudeau wears fake eyebrows. There is a youtube video of them falling off. LOL

  4. Blackface is very specific, its literally BLACK face not tan or a little brown. Don't like ole joy but that and many many others aren't black face. Lets actually think about this.

  5. As pointed out, so long as one drinks the cool-aid of liberalism, you can not be held accountable for having worn black face. Such bullshit.


  7. thats gotta b wrongful termination, she should b able to sue that company that fired her

  8. I get it if people of different nationalities dont appreciate someone dressing up to look and act like them if they feel that they are being made fun of, nobody should be the butt of a joke for having a biological composition that cannot be changed!
    BUT, I have a stupid question….
    If it is considered "RACIST" for a white person to wear make-up and dress up to look and act like a black person, how is it NOT considered "REVERSE RACISM" for a black person to wear make-up and dress up to look and act like a white person?

    Look at the Eddie Murphy movies where he plays many different characters or the Wayon brother's comedy movie, " White Chicks". Even Ms. Holier Than Thou-Whoopi Goldberg wore whiteface in the 1996 movie “The Associate” where she was cast as a black woman that dressed in whiteface to get ahead in the business world.

    Seems like an entire set of double standards to me, I'm just saying! Either stop with the over sensitivity or stop the practice because I am tired of making concessions and bending for people that don't mind doing the exact same thing they claim offends them to other people.

  9. Y is every source of you beeing banned discord twitch twitter fb

  10. I'm black and I don't get why darkening your skin is so damn wrong. Maybe because I am not American but it pains me to see a society that has it so good go down the drain because they follow fucking morons.

  11. If they cancelled the Wayan Brothers for White Chicks id say that’s def retarded lol if you were to cancel them for anything it should be for the garbage comedy movies they made in the 2000’s. People need to Stop making themselves offended.

  12. Black face will always be around as a joke !!! Get over it ..It is funny as hell … Nothing bad about it ..

  13. Don Lemon is not acceptable because the inside of his soul is where Satan lives.

  14. I am so sick and tired of all this racial 🐂💩. When did people get so soft? Damn can we move on already??

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