Bill and Ted is a classic film, I was excited about Bill and Ted 3, mostly because Keanu Reeves is a national treasure but it looks like hollywood is already ruining it.

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44 thoughts on “Bill and Ted 3 Gets WOKE! Gender Swapping & Much More! Hollywood Does It Again!

  1. I'm pretty sure that the kids in bill and ted 2 were the main characters when they were kids (in hell right?) . Alex Winters is pretty clued up and I doubt he'd be willing to sell out quite so easily.

  2. 2:02 "Gender swap" is not a verb. "Gender" is a noun. "Swapped the gender of…" it should be.

    Also "gender" is a submission to "newspeak" 1984-style. "They have swapped the sex of the kids."

    One might object, "Oh but some folks will misread the meanin." Tough!, if they can't control their own thinkin and are illiterate to not know the full meanins of words.

  3. I know is an old movie, and a lot of ppl will come with the same current arguments:
    Is 100% male-toxic-free,
    We “actualize” for modern audience,
    This movie is NOT for you,
    If you don’t see this movie, you are a misogynistic nazi,

    I have another phrase:
    Go woke, get broke.

  4. If Star Wars doesn't matter, just stop making it. Create your own lore and genre from scratch.

  5. When you say "MGM" and "Starz", etc. we want to know the names of the principal stockholders and members of the boards of directors, and specifically whether they are Ashkenazim, and, if so, are they zevites; also, whether Ashkenazim or not, to what secret societies they belong, and to what other potentates are they related and how?

  6. expected, unsurprising, and another example of why you should be against the return of any old, beloved franchises. they will be ruined, duh. ps – the style of that entire article is barf city.

  7. Oh, look. Another "nostalgia trap" that I'll be taking no part of. Thanks, Hollywood.

  8. Thoses movies were bad just cult classic type stuff and now they gunna ruin that as well………….

  9. Hahaha I never planned on seeing this unnecessary sequel the same way I never saw the second installment because I felt and still feel there was no need for a sequel .

  10. Bill and Ted was a product of it's time, and Hollywood has become something incompatible with the form of humor of the originals. I guarantee you they will fill it with Ghostbusters remake level forced "humor" instead of anything actually funny or entertaining and lighthearted.

  11. I won't pay to watch the Matriarchy colonize traditionally male spaces.
    These misandrist incels need to check their privilege and stop culturally appropriating male-centric mediums of expression by Fem-washing the masculinity out of them.
    This oppression of innocent men has got to stop!

  12. Bro, stop taking iconic characters and changing them for your agenda… make a wine channel so no one will watch it. Stop ruining shit

  13. I am so sick of the forced social engineering of pairing the White girl with the Black guy!

  14. A year ago people were telling me this movie would be spared from wokeness. I HAVE NO MORE FAITH! Hollywood needs bombed… They ruin everything.

  15. We've heard it all before and we know it'll be garbage. Not going to see it, waste of time.

  16. Only women and brown people can be smart and cool according to the far left morons in Hollyweird.

  17. Bill and Ted were endearing because of their cluelessness. How do these people not fucking understand what the movie was about?

  18. The second movie was lame with heavy religious overtones, so in a sense it already became woke. No one was clamoring for a third, not to mention that most of the fan base is in their mid to late 40s & have no taste for this woke crap.

  19. At this point I'm sick of the pandering I just want good writing. If it has good writing I don't care if the main characters a Fox who fucks Spiders. I JUST WANT GOOD WRITING.

  20. Bill and Ted have two kids by the Princesses. Those kids were BOYS. Now, move forward to present day and those kids become girls. Let's face it, they will be even MORE CLUELESS than their parents. After all, the average college kid today can barely tie their own shoe laces and know nothing of the past that fashioned them. Thus making them all completely clueless.

  21. Right. Another movie that could have been good that will fail at the box office before it is even made.

  22. One of Bill & Ted's "Daughters" came out as a they/them. I think we all know how this is going to end up.

  23. Having sons would of been "boring and derivative" and the world "has seen enough boy buddy movies". These are direct quotes. It's a get woke cash grab.

  24. The cluelessness was a big part of the charm of the movies, take that out, boring and charmless.

  25. Don't mess with a classic god damn it!… Sure it wasn't a great movie to begin with, but still… It's a classic.

  26. man it's too bad people can't have more than 1 kid each. the babies in B&T2 would be 30 by now. the girls are teens.

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