Bing Crosby hosts Hollywood Palace Christmas 1965 (4 of 6)


14 thoughts on “Bing Crosby hosts Hollywood Palace Christmas 1965 (4 of 6)

  1. That's where the saying "Atta boy Louie" came from. Great video! Keep them coming please. Thanks!

  2. I've never seen anything funnier than this. I remember it as a kid on Ed Sullivan.

  3. it is bob williams and louie here. i love animals, one of the main reasons i left the circus business. this is very, very sad.

  4. I don't find this funny at all on the dog's part. He's so very sad….The guy is hilarious. but I feel bad for the dog…..

  5. @grammaonthefarm I agree…although I think it's less a dog act and more a comedy duo, with Louie trained to be a great straight canine.

  6. So funny how he calls him sweetie pie and honey bunch, pet names from the 50's.

  7. I have a friend, fellow entertainer, who worked the Dallas State Fair with Williams and Louie in the late 1950's. However, Louie's stage name at that time was Red Dust..or Red. My friend told me that the dog was not drugged..just very well trained.

  8. Please – sedated? No! That is probably the best trained dog I have ever seen – remember it from my youth and we saw the act several times – I believe on Ed Sullivan, too! This was one incredible act!

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