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Actors : Shō Kosugi, Jean-Claude van Damme, Doran Clark, Kane Kosugi & Shane Kosugi
Directors: Eric Karson
Written by : Michael Gonzales
Producers: Shimon Arama
Music by : Terry Plumeri
Cinematography : George Koblasa
Edited by : Michael Kelly

Synopsis :
Martial arts thriller in which KGB and CIA agents race to recover a crashed US jet fighter’s hi-tech laser guidance system. The CIA dispatch top agent Ken Tani, a martial arts master who is determined to get to the device first. Against a background of vicious kidnaps, deadly high-speed car chases and spectacular kung-fu fights, the Black Eagle thunders towards a confrontation with the brutal Russian operative, Andrei.

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  1. I'm from Nepal. This film is too wonderful and lovely. I wish you should comprise all matters. Thanks

  2. how desperate is star entertainment to put on a thirty year old movie as 2020 Pfft

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  6. No comment or it just not showing up as yet. The show looking old, not a problem but it said 2020 movie.

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