After Christine (Ashley Gallo) recovers from a nervous breakdown, she and her husband, Barry, move to a small town and start renovating an old house. Soon she becomes fixated on a mysterious locked room in the basement that she fears contains something sinister. Meanwhile, Barry carries on an affair with Christine’s sister, Lisa (Karen Fox), and the bizarre elderly neighbors desperately want to open the strange door for their own benefit.


20 thoughts on “Bloodlock – FULL MOVIE – BEST HOLLYWOOD HORROR

  1. Ok, here’s my assessment on the movie, Complete Garbage, Do Not! Waste over an hour of your life watching this, find another 👍

  2. I don't know why u tube shows these type of crappie and tell u its a Hollywood classic

  3. shitty ending… I really thought she was going to get them back. Blah…
    crappy movie

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