Fuller and company lip sync I FOUGHT THE LAW on Four Star’s Hollywood a Go Go, an hour long syndicated music show from the mid 1960s hosted by KHJ Radio “Boss Jock” Sam Riddle. Public Domain clip, copyright lapsed.


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  1. "I needed money cuz I had none."
    Bobby Fuller would have been a super star if he had lived longer.

  2. Since production of "Hollywood A Go-Go" ceased in February of 1966 (with the final episode airing at season's end), this was probably from one of the last episodes of the series.

    And imagine if Bobby Fuller had lived: He might have become one of the biggest rock stars of the late 1960's.

  3. I normally like the Go go dancers but did anyone else see these floor dancers just sort of hanging out?

  4. bobby was murdered you do not beat yourself up drink gasoline and tie yourself up

  5. Still a sweet sound all these years later..

    lets see how many modern bands are remembered 50 years from now…

  6. yup and everyone wanted a Mustang or a GTO. The downside being 'Nam was heating up pretty good and the US was beginning to feel the protests over "Nam.

  7. I thought Eddie and the Cruisers was loosely based on Jim Morrison and the Doors. While some people believe Morrison isn't dead I don't think any one believes that about Bobby Fuller.

  8. @koalacatcher

    Obviously. It amazes me that no film has been made of Fuller's life and death or that the LAPD has by now not been forced to reopen the investigation. Strikes me of the power of the music industry in LA…and I am not inclined to conspiracy theories btw. I believe Oswald was the lone gunman. I also believe Fuller was murdered and the LAPD at the behest of the music industry/organized crime (same difference in the 1960s) covered it up

  9. The go go dancers are indeed astounding – would anyone happen to know if one of them was Dale Vann of the Gazzarri Dancers? Thanks

  10. Bobby Fuller was a gambler and was suposedly dating a mafia,s figure daughter as well. The mafia figure did not like bobby fuller. if you look at thr facts of the "suicide" it seems a lot more like a muder made to look like a suicide.

  11. The Bobby Fuller Four originated out of El Paso, Tx. According to a former disc jockey, who did an in-depth study of the death of Bobby Fuller, showed that he was overcome by carbon monoxide poisoning from running his car in an enclosed parking garage in Hollywood. It was never proved to be suicide or, most likely, homicide as Bobby had many enemies in the music world.

  12. Over forty years later and this song still is cool. Sounds great while driving. Volume turned way up of course!

  13. Really cool clip! Yeah, those dancers really spice things up, don't they? Back in '65 I played a club called Teen A-Go-Go hehe. We all drank Sloe Gin out of the trunk of my '51 Ford on break – lol. I think I paid more attention to the cute blonde cage dancer than my drums – haha. Regards, The '62 Mathew St. Band (1 Man-Full Group Retro)

  14. See how easy it is for someone to be very sex appealing and still be fully clothed.
    Those girls prove it.

  15. does anyone have any clips of Sam Riddle's shows, Ninth st. West, or Groovy? they were L.A. local teen dance shows in the mid sixties.

  16. @herbajones thank you, herb! yes, I've checked out a website about them… great dance group. after seeing some other routines, I'm convince this was their best… maybe it's the song, too, but those outfits, six shooter and the choreography just all came together in this performance.

  17. @Tarn1968
    Check out the Gazzarri Dancers website for all the info on the gogo dancers.

  18. @BigfootSongs04
    Check ou the Gazzarri Dancers website for all the info on the gogo dancers.

  19. @BigfootSongs04 Check out Dee Dee Sharp's" Mashed Potato". Great dancing, maybe even the same girls

  20. What An Absolutely Great Share ! Love It! 5*s Great Post ! Thankyou….Anita..

  21. @scotpens thanks for mentioning the Gazzarri Dancers website. Everything on Hollywood a Go-Go, including The Sinners, was lip-synched.

  22. No one could put three chords together better than the Bobby Fuller Four. I still have their original vinyl album from 1966. The cover looks pretty bad, but the record sounds great. "If there's a rock 'n roll heaven, well, you know they've got a hell of a band." And, Bobby Fuller would definitely be there.

  23. Yes the brunette in the far back is rather shapely as well as the other brunettes. sigh!!!

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