Yogen’s Bollywood Step Dance Troupe, India Festival at the Bowl, 9/20/2009. ‘Jai Ho’ is included during this dance performance. Beautiful costumes and dancers! Ravi Shankar was also in the audience that night, about 20 feet from us. His daughter Anoushka performed some splendid music during the program!


25 thoughts on “Bollywood dancers; India Calling! @ the Hollywood Bowl

  1. This video made me get up and dance! Thank you so much for posting it. I am not Indian but feel a strong connection with its many cultures,music,dance,religion etc. Maybe I was Indian in a past life? Blessed Be!

  2. A+++++++!!!! Both beautiful to watch and fun to dance to. Excellent workout Bhangra is! Oh and if I havent said it already your troupe inspires me to get up and dance. Thank you and Blessed Be!

  3. I'm not either, but it was one of the most enjoyable shows I've seen at the Hollywood Bowl.

  4. This is good! 🙂 I am not even close to being Indian but I just looked it up

  5. @Lisa22586 I'm so glad it was helpful! This was a wonderful night, and we were lucky enough to be seated about 20 feet from Ravi Shankar as he watched the various performances, including his supremely talented daughter Anoushka.

  6. Please be kind…….it's the first video I've put on YouTube! Hope you enjoy it.

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