Monday, May 29, 2017
Filmed at the Three Clubs in Hollywood, CA
Closing act of the closing night of the Hollywood Burlesque Festival.
My thanks to Lili VonSchtupp for inviting and encouraging me.

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26 thoughts on “Bookends at the Hollywood Burlesque Festival

  1. you are my favorite magician! no other magician has had me on a emotional level like you, you don't just do tricks you tell story, beautiful stories. Your magic is truly magical 🙂 i love how much pride you have in magic!

  2. Always love Hannibal's stories. He never rushes through it. I like to think of it as, pure musical genius. To make truly great music, you must play the pauses.
    What is not said, speaks volumes. 😀

  3. Love from Herne Bay, England.
    Come and do a show here!!
    But I'm not here to tell you what to do…….

  4. Wait… You were in Hollywood CA, but didn't make the trek north to Seattle?!? That makes me a little sad.

  5. I must've watched you tell this story 20 times, but I still love hearing it over and over. Thank you for the amazing shows you put on and the stories you tell!

  6. Another beautiful performance. Great work, Hannibal. You have the perfect mix of talent, skill, and charisma that makes each and every one of your shows an absolute joy to experience. My hope is that eventually I'll be able to see a show live. Keep doing what you're doing, man.

  7. you should make a patreon or some merch so I can support your amazing show by other means than just as revenue. again, keep it up.

  8. is it hard to making a living like you do? keep up the good work! you make me laugh every time!

  9. i was waiting for the part where you tell the part of your daughter where you tell about your daughter looking at the present because that made the show special for me, but still very nice, tyvm for your sharing.

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