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Box Office: Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ Debuts With Dazzling $80 Million in Theaters, $60 Million on Disney Plus

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30 thoughts on “Box Office: Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ Debuts With Dazzling $80 Million in Theaters, $60 Million on Disney Plus

  1. I felt this movie was a few years too late, and would have been more impactful had it come out before Endgame, but the end credit scene also lends something to that I suppose. Overall a super fun movie and didn’t really disappoint – I love Blackwidow and I’m glad we got her backstory finally with some awesome action scenes.

  2. I started laughing when >!they revealed the giant James Bond secret base in the sky!< it was awesome

  3. It was really good. I’m glad she got such a cool spy thriller type movie as her one solo.

  4. Florence Pugh is adorable and hilarious and actually believable as a bruiser. I am hyped to have her in the Mcu

  5. I only recently gave the MCU a real shot when I was stuck in my room with COVID. I was really just thankful for content to watch but I have to say I’ve become a fan.

    I don’t know what it was like watching movies like Infinity War and Endgame when they came out but I enjoyed Black Widow.

    Great action sequences and the whole messed up family dynamic was interesting and entertaining to me. I liked having more info on the character’s backstory and it will probably make rewatching some of her earlier appearances fun.

    Someone described the MCU as the most expensive TV series ever and I like thinking about it like that. With more things to piece together and Easter eggs, I’ve been having fun with it.

  6. I really enjoyed Pugh and Harbour. I wanted more of the weird family dynamics. Is it strange that i kind of wish we got a limited 6 episode series instead of 2hr film? I find i no longer watch Marvel movies for the action set-pieces, I watch it for the melodrama.

  7. Im hoping more female super hero movies in our future! Having a daughter who loves super heros these are exciting for the whole family!

  8. I loved it! I thought the action scenes were fantastic and I loved the dynamic between her and her sister. These movies are all made to be fun and I think people give them a bad rap sometimes expecting a cinematic, Oscar winning masterpiece. It’s just fun 🙂

  9. The movie was fantastic. I’d put it up there as my favorite marvel movie just behind Black Panther and Thor:Ragn.

    The movie had a great script and Scarlett did amazing as a lead. The action was dark at times and the humor hit well when it was supposed to.

    The only part that slipped up for me were the minor plot armors with a save towards the end involving a sky dive but otherwise it was great.

    Solid 9/10

  10. I didn’t particularly hate the movie. It just felt weird with the Russian accents.

  11. thats great and all but im not paying 30 dollars on top of my disney+ to watch this.

    Arent regular theater tickets like 15?

  12. Looks like I am the only one who didn’t enjoy the movie.find it pretty average. problem with this movie is Actions scenes they could’ve been better. choreography isn’t the problem for me it’s cinematography and editing. There are 10 cuts in 1 min action scene,shaky all the time pretty much made action scenes bad.

    I find taskmaster char pretty underdeveloped and robotic serves no purpose. For me taskmaster is like lost puppy. Really like ray winstone character a lot. Villains are barely in the movie 15 min that’s it. Relationship between lead characters are good.

  13. The movie was just okay… that’s all. I think I’d rather have my $30 from Disney though

  14. I kinda feel like this movie could have been so much better if they just made it serious. There was almost no emotional connections to anything because it was all played as a joke.

  15. It’s such a shame that the only movies that make money now are pieces of garbage like this. I mean it wasn’t horrible but I’ve seen it 100 times before as every single spy movie ever. This movie was just about as unique as a plain white T-shirt. When are we going to start giving independent film makers with actually interesting ideas a chance to make marvel money?

  16. Mrs. Johanneson deserves every cent and should have had this movie almost a decade ago. Thank goodness we’re blessed with an athletic action Star like her. She breaks a lot of molds and kicks ass in drama too. Ghost World is a hidden gem. If you want to see how good she was from the start, she is memorable as hell without being the lead.

  17. 158 million in ticket sales world wide and not including Sunday! AMC theaters were packed Saturday between black widow and the fight!

  18. I thought the action scenes were great and it was good to see a marvel film after so long but the more I think about the plot the more I don’t like it. Spoiler alert but what was the point in breaking out the red guardian? His only purpose was to tell them where melina was which they could have done over the radio (ok they didn’t know that at the time but why not check before saying we’re breaking you out in 5 seconds). Also the prison guards all got killed in the avalanche they caused (unless I missed something I didn’t think they worked for the bad guys). Fair enough if he’s just the comic relief but I had hoped he’d at least get the chance to redeem himself but he needed to be saved from taskmaster and didn’t do anything. Also wasn’t melina pretty evil seeing as she helped with the mind control devise/building the sky fortress but didn’t have any kind of comeuppance? Otherwise a good film. Not the best, not the worst.

  19. Really liked some parts and thought other parts were pretty laughable 6/10 still a marvel movie which always adds to the hype

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