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27 thoughts on “Brandi Jackson Speaks Out Against Leaving Neverland & Oprah on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

  1. Something I always love about the Jackson is how soft spoken they all are ( tone of voice)

  2. I like that he calls Wade, "…a fucking liar" then tries to say he hasn't watched the whole documentary for journalistic integrity. It seems more like he doesn't want to accept it if it is true.


  4. Yo Jason is crass as fuck he keeps saying Michael's DEAD!!!! That's that girl's uncle, have some respect.

  5. Michael did not speak like a nigga. Michael was Black;African American I’m Black. I’m not a nigga. I can go there if need be. We are Africans we are not nigga’s. We have nigga’s amongst us. Think. Use your brain. Think❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿❤️👍🏿

  6. I'm from the future…no this for sure Oprah will be dragged on her face, from one end of the internet to the other…& Harvey Weinstein will be convicted of various sexual offenses and sent to prison…😜

  7. Funny how Brandi Jackson dated Wade for years & had no suspicion that something wasn't right with him

  8. I loved this interview. Brandi Jackson is so smart,intelligent,honest and very soft-spoken just like Michael.I wish instead of watching That mockumentary watch this she's explaining the details with facts WE'RE WITH YOU BRANDI KEEP FIGHTING FOR THE TRUTH #MJINNOCENT 🙏💖

  9. I see this case like the case of Jesus who was hurt and humiliated and still continued to be Jesus Christ.There are videos of Michael Jackson being compassionate and telling the truth.Jesus Christ is still the most popular person in the world, therefore the compassionate legerend of Michael Jackson is what he is going to be remembered for.

  10. Michael Jackson is innocent, all the liars are in for the money or false publicity.

  11. "Do your home work!" This quote applies to the extremely STUPID so-called female host on this channel. She is a bed wench wannabe and IDIOT!! LOL

  12. Some of these so-called panel members are totally IDIOTS and CLUELESS! HollyWEIRD (aka Hollywood) is a Demonic and Evil MASTER when it comes to movies, TV shows, etc. As a result, they HollyWEIRD studios can make it look NORMAL do have sex with animals. HollyWEIRD can make normal seems abnormal and vice versus!!!
    Don't fall for the HYPE there is two side to a story, ppl. Some people are so easy to deceive and trick to believing a lie or turning love to HATE!


  13. God Bless you Brandi…I know Michael proud of you and smiling at you right now✨✨❤️

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