Martial artist and actor Mike Moh breaks down the workout he used to prepare for his upcoming role playing Bruce Lee in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.”

Bruce Lee Workout from Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood | Train Like A Celebrity | Men’s Health

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47 thoughts on “Bruce Lee Workout from Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood | Train Like A Celeb | Men's Health

  1. He disrespected Bruce Lee in the movie once upon a Time in Hollywood. You need to remove the picture of Bruce Lee from his page before I call Shannon

  2. Has anyone noticed none of the actors that play Bruce Lee look like him like at all.

  3. So it killed Bruce Lee, I'm sure of it because they showed it that way, which is why they hate and are jealous of the success and fame of Bruce Lee, even though unfortunately he died. Hollywood is racist and does not respect the dead.
    I am really upset

  4. I think u shouldn't have done that role, you wrongly portrayed Bruce Lee 😒😒

  5. You don't look at all like Lee. The guy who played Lee for a TV movie looked a lot like him. You don't…..

  6. Train in a boxing gym with a camera recording you doesn’t mean you box. All the stuff you do is just my warm up. You know nothing about Bruce Lee so don’t act like you know how he workout. You’re nothing like water so don’t say that quote! What dan are you on, 5th degree black belt? what a joke! How much you pay for the belt just to be on social media or film? Because in flee market they sale for $5. Even they have it too just for $2 or $3. You’re a joke and a disgraceful kid!

  7. The stuff that you do is for beginners and just to show. Don’t try to be like Bruce Lee. You a disgraceful kid

  8. I know MM's part was small but he was playing Bruce Lee. Odd they didn't train him in Jeet June Do (the art Bruce created). To have him move like Bruce. To not telegraph his flying side kick. The only part of him that was like Bruce was his voice/impression. He's a 5th degree TKD guy (Tae Kwon Do.). They didn't even train him in Wing Chun. Politics. And I think he's Korean. "Hoh"? Shrug…it's work….good for him…but..

  9. Very cool to see this, but I'm thinking the superman pushups are an advanced move for the average guy that works over 40 hours a week.

  10. Tarantino did a bad job with the Bruce Lee scene, even if it was supposed to be a parody., bad writing….

  11. To bad Quintin had to make the stunt man look like he can take on Bruce…👎.. The Dragon we know would of put him on his ass with the 1" punch👍

  12. Absolutely incredible shape, no doubt about it, great power and explosiveness, awesome conditioning also…However… He is not quite lean enough to fully, accurately portray Bruce, but then again who is?, besides the man himself??. Bring on the stupid responses from all the 'experts'.😧

  13. Terrific training for TKD…he's a 5th degree black belt. Has his own school. Funny they didn't have him training in JKD. So that he through JKD style kicks and punches. Which they also didn't do with Jason Scott Lee for Dragon:The Bruce Lee Story. But I digress. This was about the workout fo the film. 🙂 Or part of…

  14. Didn’t Brad Pitt kick your ass?

    (This is a joke don’t get offended but I just think its funny how he talks about portraying one of the greatest fighters of all time and yet most of his role just consisted of him getting beat up)

  15. You gotta love these butthurt comments coming after the film release.
    Lee was a human bean, just like the rest of us. Exceptional , yes but still a bean. So not above being mocked in a film , lulz.

  16. Oo boy this guy looks so authentic but he had know idea that his Bruce Lee portrayal would have backlash

  17. Tarentino got nothing to do with Bruce Lees Legacy. He tried to deface the Legend with that garbage demeaning scene.
    Moi is respectable gor playing Ryu in Street fighters assasins fist.
    We both share a kinship in being Bruce Lee fans.
    This is an alright video. Take the Tarentino part out. That movie was insulting.

  18. Many have done Bruce Lee roles I believe you are the closest. I enjoyed that Brad Pitt scene.

  19. I wish Mike Moh would stop trying to piggyback off of Bruce Lee’s name , He said that Bruce Lee was his idle yet he took this opportunity to play in this movie where he did nothing but make a mockery of Bruce Lee.

  20. Mike Moh is a fucking moron to agree and play Bruce Lee as an arrogant man……A fucking traitor.

  21. The actor himself is much better than they allowed him to be portrayed in the movie,, let alone Lee himself..

  22. Did he just said little dragon to a Bruce Lee.. huh. Bruce Lee was tye only real Dragon ever lived .🆗🐏

  23. Did not like the way they treat as Bruce Lee but you alright, you was just doing what you was told to! Nothing personal against but fuck that movie tho and the producer himself for disrespecting Bruce. Grew up watching his movies from the early age just so u know the impact he had on me.

  24. Mike Moh seems nice enough, but I don't care for his portrayal of Bruce Lee. I blame Tarantino.
    Bruce Lee or any experienced fighter would not attack the same way twice. That's worse than telegraphing a punch. Your opponent should have no idea how you are going to attack him. Here's hoping Mike Moh has a long distinguished career in cinema! Keep training, keep fighting!

  25. All this awesome training drills just for the stupid "Bruce Lee vs Cliff Booth" scene? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Correct me if I'm wrong.

  26. Bitchass sell out. if you were a real bruce fan you would not let them portray him like that.

  27. Me : * been doing martial arts for 5 months *
    ( high yellow)

    Him: * for 20 yrs *

    Me : 0-0

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