K-Pop sensation BTS joins The Hollywood Reporter to play “Fishing for Answers!” They share some of their current favorite songs, hopes of collaborating with Drake, a message for Halsey, and more!

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24 thoughts on “BTS Share Their Favorite Songs, a Message to Halsey, Talk Drake Dream Collab & More! | THR

  1. " Any English sentence exists in the world. "
    JiMin Translation : yes ! love you !

  2. I always dead cause of my laughing when I watch this 😂😂 and always thinking that what Rm did to jimin after this interview 😂😂

  3. This is why I love them, they are down to earth and hilarious!😂

  4. V was so seriously funny in this… and by that I mean his face was so serious but his answers were so funny: all fire, bow wow wow

  5. it isn't a real bts interview is hoseok doesn't randomly stand up and start dancing

  6. Jimin: i like the interaction we do on stage. in korean
    RM: uhm, english?
    Jimin: interact…interaction… yes.

  7. "Interaction…I interact…yes." xD I love Jimin! And I love how V actually helps him and gives him the right answer but says it wrong! But I understand his mistake! English is weird. xD

  8. I’ve watched this like 20 now just to see “all fire, bow bow bow” and “YES” 😂😂😂

  9. RM… please don’t throw the glass bowl… we call you the god of destruction for a reason 😂😂

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