1st – Nick Williams & Carla Heiney (CA)
2nd – Kevin St Laurent & Emily Hoffberg (PA)
3rd – Jeremy Otth & Laura Keat (CA)
4th – Juan Villafane & Sharon Davis (Argentina & Australia)
5th – David Frutos & Kim Clever (CA)

Coolest moment: 10 straight swingouts by Mikey and Nina.


10 thoughts on “Camp Hollywood 2008 – Pro Lindy Finals

  1. i love the 3rd pair, they did a crazy spin at 1:21!! <names, anyone?>and i also thought the 5th pair <i believe is Kevin & jo> correct me if im wrong…that crazy thing at 2:08. WOW!!!

  2. whos nick, kevin and jeremy…what order r they in….as far which they jammed out in…thanks!

  3. Lets start a revolution. I love these videos and want to learn how to do this so much.

  4. Absolutely fantastic!!
    Lindy Hop is not just about the 1930's and 1940's, It's about now. These people are a credit to the new generation of worldwide Lindy Hoppers, sensational

  5. Just want to say that I've had the privilege and luck to have both Carla and Nick as teachers let alone Carla as a dance partner in the intergenerational. What amazing dancers they are. Congratulations on your win.

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