Drag queen Paloma owns Casa Hollywood, legendary Latin gay club located in the heart of Hollywood Blvd. AND in the way of development giants whose plan is to demolish the place and build an absurd Hollywood Theme Park. But Paloma is determined to put up a fight to save Casa Hollywood all while dealing with the usual prejudice, discrimination, gay bashing AND a life-long, heart breaking secret she’s been hiding from up & coming actor Rick Williams, whom Paloma raised as if her own son. Yet, amidst all her drama, Paloma still makes time to counsel Bianca who is struggling with an agonizing pre-op decision. (Special cameo appearances by some of WeHo’s drag queens divas; The Chanell Twins, The Fabulous Wonder Twins, Lynda Mendoza aka Lynda Darleen, , Mr Dan from Dragstreep 66, and more!)


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