Look, I understand good intentions but it’s just hard to believe Hollywood does anything at all for the good intentions!

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24 thoughts on “Celebrities FUND Unrest In HOLLYWOOD Clout Grab! Steve Carrell, Seth Rogan, Patton Oswalt & More

  1. Thank God We Have Hollywood Celebrities To Tell Us Plebs How To Feel! If You're Enjoying The Coverage Today I Have 6-7 Videos Lined Up So Keep It Locked In & Check Back Every Hour! If You Enjoyed The Video, Please Consider Leaving A Like & Comment On It! It Helps New People Find The Channel

  2. Don't push multi-racial society, small town boy. You'll awaken too late if you have the small town innocence. "Be as wise as snakes".

  3. Sayin that a regular word (the Latin word for "black" with the "g"doubled to insure correct pronunciation) is a bad word is THEIR FRAME. You have been upholdin the foe's frame.

  4. I agree with this video that celebrities especially entertainment personnels should not be chosen to speak out and have them make the speech for the group but I do believe if they agree with the protestors to join the crowd as just one of them. Its their human rights too.

    Just like Tessa Thompson, she just joined like the rest which I find no problem.

  5. "They've made it" means that they have submitted to the demands of the sodomite/paedophilic/sra cult of chaos, and have been rewarded with cash and celebrity.

  6. You still have accepted "their" frame that "This is not a war — There is no deliberate de-stabilization — Weapons of mass-distraction are not weapons, they are businesses and entertainment".
    Get into the war frame, man. IFF Identify friend and foe. Label foes as foes, not as misguided fellow-Americans.

  7. I just got a e-mail "From" GoFundMe CEO asking for support for Their "Justice & Equality Fund". "We have committed $500,000 to start the Fund, which will initially focus on bail, racial justice, and law enforcement reform."
    What the fuck is this? What of those things needs money to happen other than bail? I'm not only not going to give a dime to bail someone out for this shit, I am pissed that it is actually costing me tax money in the first place to now have to feed these fuckers while there in jail for breaking the law.
    "Solving the deep, structural issues that have caused these nationwide protests will take empathy and dedication." Yep, NOT money.
    Hey Go Fund Me, Go fuck yourself.
    I guess it's pretty obvious who I won't be voting for.

  8. Seth started cursing everyone that said all lives matter dude is a race baiting turd

  9. Is there a list available to boycott brands, products, services, entertainment, with these people in them?

  10. Is it a clout grab or them supporting something they believe in. Yet im sure if Ben Shapiro donated to the police rn youd be bouncing on his D for it. This is the revolution and it will be televised.

  11. I wonder of they would still bail them out if they looted and burned down their homes

  12. Jesus did warn against advertising your virtue, saying that you’d have your reward.. but no reward from God, or from people who otherwise discover your good deeds or prayers or giving.

  13. they are funding terrorist!
    they are on record with it!
    wasn't there something aabout this in the patriot act, ore something like that?

  14. Most of “just about anything” one sees online are “sponsored opinions” (so to speak…) or just blatant ads. It is no wonder that even if someone would try use one’s own already great popularity to raise awareness on anything, from outsiders perspective, it might just be taken as “that one is trying to get some points”.

    Not trying to defend anyone with this. It’s just that what the h*ll can one truly trust in the internet? 🙂

  15. Chrissie teigan has very serious ties to certain child service rings involving rich and powerful

  16. So Patton Oswald funded to help rioters in Milwaukee possibly destroy RLM. nice

  17. One man's death is another man's flat screen TV. Seems like blm has just turned into a black Friday sale. But don't worry biden is there along with the celebrities to bail them out. In the meantime after the mayor let Minneapolis burn and let the rioters run lose, he's now having people who are protecting their stores arrested.

  18. The ignorance of anyone justifying random violence over the misdeeds of a few is mindblowing. Protesting is not a violent act, or nor requires the burning, robbing, and beating of innocent people. These are the actions of people who weren't raised right with an eight year old's mental experience.

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