Khloe Kardashian, Jim Parsons, Dr. Paul Nassif and more stars receive heartwarming messages from their late parents on “Hollywood Medium.”

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About Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry:
Medium, clairvoyant, medical intuitive –Tyler Henry has an undeniable gift that he’s ready to share with the world. Explore the life of this clairvoyant medium as he brings messages from the beyond to Hollywood celebrities, delivers jaw-dropping readings to celebrities looking for advice, connection and closure with loved ones who have passed on, all while balancing his unique abilities with trying to be a regular millennial. Tyler is the most sought after medium in Hollywood!

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Celebrities Receive Messages From Late Parents | Hollywood Medium | E!


45 thoughts on “Celebrities Receive Messages From Late Parents | Hollywood Medium | E!

  1. Who else sees orbs visiting? The pineal gland helps with psychic ability. Fluoride hardens the pineal gland. Raise your vibration by being positive, Staying away from chemicals, eating healthy, and you too will see spirits visiting , as orbs. 🌈 😇 💗

  2. I would only believe this if he's presented with a non- celebrity who he can't Google ahead of time. 🙄 Anyone could find out about Moby's alcoholic father, and New Jersey connections, for example.

  3. It's hard to believe this because then Kardashians have a TV show where they talk about there father sometimes and he could've gotten all of this info from that.

  4. Ok, so basically every episode i've watched so far (and i mean i found this young man today! and i've been watching these short videos about 2 hours now) goes the same way: Tyler meets the person he's about to "read"…they say HI…Tyler opens his mouth…the "client" starts crying. Ha ha. He must be VERY good at what he is doing. :o)

  5. If I were a better actor, I could pass my google research of famous people off as being a psychic reading too! 🧐🤷🏼‍♀️

  6. This man is real but is all of the devils work and he might know all of this but it’s bad stuff and it’s all satan’s witch craft

  7. Last one had me in tears. I connected so closely with it because my cousin who was 6 at the time passed from going into cardiac arrest multiple times and we never got to say goodbye. We only had the phone calls from other family…

  8. If you want to believe there is an afterlife and your loved ones who’ve passed are happy there that’s fine, but anyone telling you they need money to speak to a dead relative of yours for you is a fraud. This punk is a soulless evil taking advantage of the misfortune of others, should be illegal.

  9. I feel my great grandma around on certain days very close and intense. I’m obsessed with this show and I’ve had a crazy amount of death in my life. Trying to find a good medium to see if I can even scratch the surface of this kids kind of readings.hes so in touch

  10. This is the first and only real medium I have ever heard! God bless you for using it in a positive manner to bring closure to mankind!

  11. What better then a celebrity that you know everything about to tell them how much of it you know and then call yourself a medium with psychic abilities. This tops the "let's see just how stupid and gullible dumb Americans are" charts!

  12. Many mentalists, including Houdini, have proven all psychics as fakes and have even written about their tricks. Even the Bible says the dead are dead with no consciousness, so these so called psychics are denying the words of Jesus. And how come a hundred spirits don't talk to him at once? Are they polite spirits waiting their turn? So, logic from the many mentalists who know their tricks and what Jesus said should convince us all that there are no such things as psychics, period, final, end of story. …… but THIS guy ….

  13. More than a medium..Tyler, you're a true Medicine Man. You bring closure, comfort and solace to restless and aching hearts.

  14. STOP BEING GULLIBLE ….Tyler, Theresa….Their crony takes your phone call, Asks a litany of questions and VOILA you are stupidly mesmerized by WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW!

  15. I believe in this gift. But all this Hollywood crap is such hogwash. Someone who is a ‘channel’ is not a part of the “club”. This is bull. Don’t buy it.

  16. This guy so much looks like a fraudulent charlatan, can't belive a single thing he says.

  17. I've watched a lot of video's with Tyler and I believe in him, Tyler you have a very special gift god bless you keep doing your calling 🙏 lots of love to you

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