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13 thoughts on “Celluloid Heroes-Hollywood Blvd; The Kinks

  1. Probably my favorite Kinks song. I love to go out and dance a
    fandango on these stars embedded in concrete. One of my favorites
    is Tom Petty's, in front of the Roosevelt hotel. I like songs about my town
    and my artists deliver. Got any emotion around here.

  2. 1977 Paul rapp my bitchin usc Benedict cyn dad directed Ron Howard and fonzi jumping the shark at paradise cove happy days rules canyonlocalfilmscom save the bamboo bar the Luau harvey Jacobson and Peter Fonda rule

  3. I do get what you are saying tho, she being the most beautiful woman in the world, could get by with appearing any way she wished, which at times was to appear like she didn't care a hoot at all. (Which for the most part she didn't). Her looks came from a natural beauty not based on being made up so she didn't need all that. Her broad shoulders beautifully draped anything she wore, perfect symmetry in her face needed no makeup. She always came out looking cool. She was the style.

  4. I agree, the older she got the prettier she became. But I do think she cared a great deal, it was her legacy and she knew it. She always covered her mouth when photographed. Breaks my heart to see that, she was still so beautiful. I think it was hard on her, curious people wanted to see how she aged after being so beautiful. She was very thin skinned about some of these things. She didn't care about fashion, but she did wear that makeup right to the end! What I've read anyway,( with caution).

  5. Yes; always naturally gorgeous! She didn't really care that much tho….which would be alot easier to not care when you were at one time the most beautiful woman in the world! In alot of ways, I think she was more beautiful when she was older; with no makeup!

  6. This last picture of Garbo was not long before she died. She was 84 when she passed on April 15, 1990. What is striking is you can still see Garbo. The eyes are still large and bright and even tho she prematurely aged around her mouth, there are no wrinkles on her cheeks or eyes. She looks very bright and alert. Granted she was in her 80's, but no face lifts or botox ever touched that face. She aged naturally. The sun is right on her face.I see limited wrinkling in large areas of her face. Wow!

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