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4 thoughts on “Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Season 4 Episode 1 Airdate September 28, 2013

  1. Gotta mention that the So Cal Cutter is absolutely sick! And Scorpio's reversal of a crossface was cool too.

    Both men should be really proud of that match.

    The Hobo has some great mic skills and I can say that about everyone in this episode really. Taylor, Mack, Scorpio, Ryan. Everyone.

    Usually one can equate the mic skills in wrestling to that of pornography but not here.

    Match of the night was Taylor and Mack. the stipulation was a nice touch.

    Wonder where this thing will go.

  2. Did anyone else catch that "wait in the back of the bus" line? Willie's gonna kill you, Ryan. WIllie's gonna kill you.

    All three matches were solid in this episode.

    I loved the announcer's hyping up So Cal Crazy's attempt to rewrite history. As guy who wasn't there, the recap was appreciated.

    So Cal's move set is sick. Loved the mat wrestling, the monkey flips, the crucifixes, the head scissor takedowns.

    Loved the double cross body after the criss cross.

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