Grammy Award winner Michael Render and host of Netflix’s ‘Trigger Warning with Killer Mike,’ joins Charlamagne tha God in episode 5 of ‘Emerging Hollywood.’ He talks about the history of segregation in the United States, reparations and H.R. 40, Bernie Sanders, the 2020 presidential election, and more!

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46 thoughts on “Charlamagne & Killer Mike: Segregation, Reparations, Bernie Sanders & 2020 | Emerging Hollywood

  1. We need an apology first, land, free tax, free education, free health care and a horse/mule.

  2. C tha god wearing a punk jacket calling Bernie Sanders ideas " radical " and supporting Bloomberg. Take that shit off you ain't bout that.

  3. Reparations can't ever truly be paid without the abolition of capitalism and the subsequent Democratic public ownership over the means of production.

  4. Killer Mike is a lot smarter than a lot of people give him the credit for, a lot of what he said legitimately made sense and he knows his shit.

  5. 1. Bernie supports the STUDY of reparations/restitution (which means it could take 2 terms to figure out what to pay us).
    2. Why does he not have a blueprint or a rough outline of what reparations/restitution should be?
    3. He is a Jewish person therefore he should be able to know what can bring up an oppressed people.( or maybe our reparations/restitution should be 40 acres and a mule or the cash EQUIVALENT

  6. Here's the only problem I had with this interview. When they talked about getting 2 mil for reparations the first thing they went to was immediately buying a luxury house, an exotic car, and large jewelry purchase. This sort of mind set will ALWAYS ruin someone no matter what color they are. A person could easily live the rest of their lives without having to work ever again with 2 million, but it starts with buying a 300k house (which will get you a very nice house in the south) instead of a 600k house, buying a 3 year old Lexus (if you insist on having a "luxury" car), and for sure don't go out and buy some gaudy chain. Buy gold or bitcoin or stocks instead. Focus on budgeting, investing, and making modest purchases, or else you'll be right back where you were before the received any reparations. Hell, you could end up even worse if you get in trouble with debtors or the IRS spending too much money. This is the mindset we need to change.

  7. As a South American hearing this kind of things.. Makes me sad that there where leaders in the 60s-70s that where saying the same things and got classed as communists and Marxists and got killed an dother countries got over thrown with Dictatorships helped by Cia and Nixon…
    And people ha e too like give same quotes over.. And just now people are waking up… In a way it's like destrucively hilarious… I lost half my family in a dictatorship created by USA cause they did now want socialists in power

  8. On the topic of reparations. 2 of my relatives came to America in 1862. They were immediately drafted into the union army. They were both killed at Gettysburg. My family never was and still to this day is not wealthy and lived quite poor. Do I still owe reparations and if so, why?

  9. Culturally, (as to why disturbed young white boys are killing folks in mass shootings)
    one, I don't think we are desegregated enough, especially in the north. I remember when I was young I'd go play with the other children in my apartment complex and they were black and I was white and it wasn't a big deal. Then my mom moved me to the country, in a myopic neighborhood with one black family and to me it was the most natural thing in the world to be friendly with them, but that wasn't true for most of the other kids in that neighborhood. They only see black faces and people on the nightly news doing drugs and committing crime, intentionally IMO.
    2. fuck this wack ass culture of validating racial biases. Anyone in the world who hasn't grown in a multicultural, multi-ethnic environment, acting like there isn't a biological fear of the other with in them that needs to be circumnavigated, (through education) is lying. Especially if your white. Having a president (and all the message board and journalism outlets) that not only validates but perpetuates that fear and says we need to take action against our fellow americans, fellow man, they're the puppet masters of hateful acts of violence.
    3. We need to reclaim american history. Young kids need to be exposed to the truth. I find it so fuck up that we idolise our founding fathers and don't even mention that the revolutionary war was fought to preserve slavery. In 1776 when is when England abolished slavery and it no coincidence that the U.S. gained independence that year.
    4. I know this is controversial but I think religion has no place in society anymore. It needs to be replaced with weekly community building and organizing. When you think the creator of the universe made a planet for you and thinks your special, you get a lot of hubris. That's it.

  10. Why do black rappers use their ra names and it sounds ducking stupid. You call yourself killer or god I can’t take you serious

  11. Where's Lenard Larry McKelvey's AKA Charlamagne's PHD? ANY DEGREE relating to history, criminal justice, or political science or ANYTHING relating to this

  12. Killer mike says the way to solve gun violence in black communities is jobs and education. The country provides free school k-12 and college if you can get a scholarship or grant. We have the lowest unemployment in history with some trades like welding full of employment opportunities. It sounds like he’s making excuses instead of actually solving the problem

  13. Everyone needs to watch this conversation, it's extremely insightful and effectively intelligent.

  14. Fight for the truth and what’s right. God bless you KillerMike!

    Wake up America to how corrupt the LEFT is 🇺🇸

  15. Why is Bernie the only candidate who gets asked about reparations? None of the remaining candidates support reparations.

  16. If the democrats want to pay for the slave they owned, then go ahead, but remember it was the democrats that enslaved blacks, and even free blacks owned slaves.

  17. What I see with Americans today is disrespectful to the great Martin Luther King. Americans need to wake up and all Vote for Andrew Yang. This man wants to put a thousand dollars a month in everybody’s hand. Do the math, this will create wealth in all communities, especially the black community. Remember they killed Martin Luther King over the freedom dividend and Andrew Yang is the only candidate of colour trying to bring Martha Luther King’s dream alive. Wake up people and vote for Andrew Yang and make Martin Luther King spiritproud.

  18. white racism is the seven sins : pride, greed, hate with malicious, lust, envy, gluttony, an sloth (laziness) that's what white people that are racist teach their child

  19. HR 40. A lot of y'all are going to be mad once y'all find out your great great grandparents weren't SLAVES. Then there's the fact that's HUSH MONEY.

  20. The gospel of Mark Luke Thy King of the Reverend Martin Luther King of 50 states of segregation equal sergeant G I of the street of Governor Negro Ovr of Black law of lawyer equal Ely law of the land of the land called Earth Genesis 1:10 of the Bible go spel old King James Bible

  21. The gospel of Adam and Eve born again of male and female only of Adam the Christ a soldier for life of Mary Jesus Claws of Moses laws of Palws and Claus of Thanks Negro Sisters 4 giving birth 2 Negro Brother's

  22. The gospel of Preacher Man On The Block with Choppers in the Glock long hair dreadlock put them in a pine box

  23. Ghetto preaching project teaching welcome to the Memphis Tennessee Church what we preach about your feelings getting hurt high heels and skirts Preacher Man at church

  24. Charlemagne da Fraud is an uneducated man who had no knowledge about politics or those of us with ADOS lineage. I don't know why the mainstream media is propping him up and forcing his idiotic uneducated views down the throats of the American people. Charlemagne does not speak for the American Descendants of Slavery. Killer Mike is a rapper and not a political analyst or expert economist he doesn't speak for ADOS either. Why does the mainstream media avoid the experts Dr. William Darity, Yvette Carnel, and Antonio Moore?

  25. Killer Mikes cool 90% of the time but he still got about 10% he dont know wtf he talkn bout.
    Hes so close then turns a lil nutty but hes someone i could chill w and work w. Its all about meeting, debating & somewhere in the middle we meet. we wont walk away w everything we want but we both walk away feeling pretty good about it or u can demand everything & nothing happens.
    Handing some fat check thats gonna be pissed away & 2 yrs later back with demands aint gonna happen. Agreeing on something that will really help so can move forward & all better is goal.

    Crazy how many dont get this & is why congress is hated but Not their fault. its electorate losing minds

  26. @11:30 Nipsey Hussle is a lifelong Crip. Yes he got paper and helped some people in his hood – but guess what? Nipsey was a drug dealer and directly involved in the death of some of his neighbors.

    The myth that he has some sort of saint in his community is pure Miss representation of the truth.

    Nipsey ain't no saint.

  27. @10:49 white boys shooting up schools? Hilariously ironic! Why the irony? Look at the murder statistics for the last 50 years; black on black leading the way. Black teens leading the way the 2000"s.

  28. Intelligent yes.. Bernie Sanders absolutely not. Not looking to turn the USA into China. A BiG “NO” to socialism! Working together to bring awareness into neighborhoods with broken homes and helping all students get the right education that will productivity help them build up our country in the future. Where it starts is in the heart of men! The Ultimate Fear Of The Lord! When the heart is fixed the world can be healed. We can’t hang on to the past but let the past teach us how to move forward to the future. Don’t let the fight between color harden hearts but look at each person with courtesy and respect. Faith of a mustered seed can change the world. But we need pro life in hearts of men! Gods greatest gift is life. In a perfect world I know we could all come together and fix every problem but it’s how the world is set up for us all to look hateful at each other. We’re still fighting about who is owed this and that. I personally wasn’t left anything from my parents and all my life worked in a industry so diverse I meet all cultures on a daily! Everyone’s goal really at the end is family, love and the same opportunities equally shared. But unfortunately we can’t have that if we have no borders and keep letting dems strip away our Constitutional rights. I’m sure I’ll be educated on this comment more ways then one but I’m always open to listening to other opinions. Nothing but respect here!

  29. This young Libertarian kid is doing numbers. Unifying then African Diaspora. Pro reparations and Pro immigration. Visit for specifics on his new American policy: peace is profitable. Retweet this. Maybe there is democracy for you in the Libertarian party.‬ The website is low production on purpose. It’s not about money, it’s about truth.

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