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35 thoughts on “Chet Hanks Talks Golden Globes, Patois Accent, & Howard Stern on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

  1. Why this fuker got illuminati shit on his chest fuking dum fuk of u know satan is real then fuking expose it don't join dem u maggot face looking creature u maggot ur dad. Needs the virus he had sold his soul to illuminati the movie industry is illuminati society HIS PAYING THE PRICE KNOW

  2. Jason causes me so much confusion. You can see he’s trying in some areas but in others he’s so wrong. Wrong wrong too. I hope he doesn’t fall for the fake celebrity hype and continue to go in a positive direction.

  3. ♿️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️♿️🥩🍾🦃🍀☘️♿️

  4. Rich people shop at Costco. Because rich people by definition are more frugal, make smarter choices and save their money…which allows them to have more money….therefore being richer. Lol Jason just playin yall. He dont want Costco Gang (Costco Membership Club) coming for him. Lol

  5. It’s weird to dislike a guy because he’s privileged. His dad being rich and famous is not his fault.

  6. If you take anything Jason says personal idky you’re on this channel lol. That’s his existence in entirety.

  7. I'm sorry I think that's what they call white privilege. Sometimes I'm white or black. Depends on what white people feel like. It's their world

  8. He's in black face all the time and somebody gave him a black pass. Fuck this white boy

  9. Chet's Dad is one of the world's greatest actors. Of course he does ALL of those accents well. That Spanish tho, 💯💯💯!

  10. Chet is Chet. He doesn't try to be anything other than Chet.
    Jason, stop overly flirting with your hot straight male guests. It makes the rumors about us Gays appear true. Ugh.

    Anyway, I'm proud of Chet and his sobriety. I hope it lasts. Much love and success to him.

  11. So just because you're dating a girl from trinidad, you think you can appropriate patois… smh white people.

  12. You're Blaming Her for making everything sexual??? No, no, no you created that!

  13. I have never not loved Chet and his fam. My nigga gets license to say nigga all day errday!

  14. Melissa been trying to throw that ass up on Chad since they sat down and started talkin… I have no man hint hint

  15. Jason: so unnecessary: why do you have to always be putting Melyssa on blast! Please stop making references to her sex life! It's not cute!

  16. Love u Jason, we have so many similarities with our childhood (unfortunately but we do). Love the book, much love from the UK ❤


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