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Chris Rock Monologue 2016 Oscars | Hollywood +


30 thoughts on “Chris Rock Monologue 2016 Oscars | Hollywood +

  1. ''The last thing I need is losing another job to kevin heart''😂😂😂😂😂

  2. One of the best opening monologues ever. Chris handled such a wide array of extremely serious and sensitive topics while never losing his cadence and levity. True comedic masterclass

  3. Thanks God for the Covid19 we don't have to hear about the stupid Pretentious weirdos in Hollywood throwing another Award show for there meaningless dribble movies so they can pat themselves on the back while homeless are outside starving, cold, poor, broke& the infected dying! Best year ever!LMAO!!!

  4. I remember seeing Cate Blanchett in Thor Ragnarok. And she had on that tight little ass uniform thing. Did you see the V shape in her crutches?

  5. I hate racisim , but i hate that every black person get a word to say,it always ends talking about racisim,get over it ! Its not funny any more😒

  6. I have no ideas about America culture and current life but when did Oscar becomes a place for someone who speaking all about something just black? I knew that there's some discriminations happening for a long time but this is Oscar. Pls let it be normal like any other years.

  7. "There are more believable things that happened in star wars than in rocky" haha

  8. Chris is a factual comedian …he touches on sensitive real issues and still makes them laugh.

  9. Nothing like blacks to be OBSESSED with Race and Racism !…lets see, Chris Rock´s ENTIRE Oscar gig was ALL about Race?…GREAT JOB, that is exactly what the WORLD needs, hum?…and, by the way, when he talks about Race, he means THE BLACK RACE and no one else?

  10. Deep speech Chris… black people was hurt DEEPLY an they want us to put it behind an forget an it's not like…

  11. Nobody gives 2 shits about the Oscars in the age of trump! They all got big mouths and think we need to hear their RACISTS RANTS? They can all pound sand! Their ratings suck because they suck!!

  12. How about the fact that u have BLack entertainment awards. What if we had white entertainment awards? Just saying

  13. Black people are only 12 percent of the USA population. Hope for 12 percent of the awards.

  14. Yeah Hollywood is racist made so many African-Americans multi-millionaire yup very racist… See the rest of us are not stupid we know the African-American Community has nothing else to complain about so why not call Hollywood racist.

  15. Lets talk about white inequality in the NBA NFL ???? 90% blacks there doesn't seem fair ! If your a white kid and not a superstar YOUR NOT GONNA MAKE THE TEAM ! Because they're gonna give the black kids first chance …. so shut up Chris !

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