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A montage dedicated to some classic Hollywood friendships. I tried to use as many photos as I could find of famous friends in vintage tinseltown, but if I omitted anyone, I apologize. The song “Friendship” is performed here by Bert Lahr and Ethel Merman. So presented here, in order of appearance are:

Bob Hope & Bing Crosby
Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland
Audrey Hepburn & Gregory Peck
Don Ameche & Tyrone Power
Glenn Ford & William Holden
John Wayne & Maureen O’Hara
William Bendix & Alan Ladd
Clark Gable & Jean Harlow
Gene Tierney & Dana Andrews
Henry Fonda & Jimmy Stewart
Lana Turner & Judy Garland
Katharine Hepburn & George Cukor (director)
Marilyn Monroe & Jane Russell
Gene Kelly & Frank Sinatra
Pier Angeli & Debbie Reynolds
Ava Gardner & Gregory Peck
Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire
Tyrone Power & Alice Faye
Rock Hudson, Doris Day & Tony Randall
Jane Russell & Robert Mitchum
Robert Taylor & Barbara Stanwyck with Clark Gable
Ava Gardner & Lana Turner
Rita Hayworth & Glenn Ford
Alice Faye & Don Ameche
Natalie Wood & James Dean
Yul Brynner & Deborah Kerr
Janet Leigh & Elizabeth Taylor
Tony Curtis, Jeff Chandler & Sammy Davis Jr
Marilyn Monroe & Susan Strasberg
Tab Hunter & Natalie Wood
Deborah Kerr & Cary Grant
Bette Davis & Olivia de Havilland
James Cagney with June Allyson & Dick Powell
Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall with Frank Sinatra
Cary Grant & Grace Kelly
Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart with Marilyn Monroe
Sandra Dee & Troy Donahue
Henry Fonda & Gene Tierney
Doris Day & James Garner
Elizabeth Taylor & Montgomery Clift
Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr & Frank Sinatra



27 thoughts on “Classic Hollywood Friendship

  1. Excellent job!! I like especially Tyrone Power, Alice Faye and Don Ameche!! They were marvelous!! Thanks! 🙂

  2. names of each actor would have been VERY helpful- why weren't these included? Some of us don't remember them at all

  3. I like especially Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift, Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford and James Dean and Natalie Wood.

  4. this song is sung supperbly by judy garland my personal favorite … thanks a lot please keep up with judy

  5. Nothing like friendship when its true blue, the real deal! Thank you for posting these.

  6. they were lovers and they even broke up before they did 'houseboat' together but they still had to do the film 'cause they were under contract.

  7. Notice I included James Dean, Sandra Dee, Troy Donahue, Tab Hunter, Pier Angeli, Debbie Reynolds, Susan Strasberg? This video is about classic Hollywood friendship, and Natalie is definately included in that.

  8. Fred and Ginger were great and life long friends…notwithstanding all the false stories to the contrary. Thanks for getting that right! Fred was also close with David Niven and Hermes Pan…and Ginger, with Cary Grant and George Stevens.

  9. So much fun ! I love photo's with the stars outside the movie studio. Thanks — really enjoyed it — 5 *****

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