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20 thoughts on “CNN Cites Hollywood Actor To Claim Trump Is Insane, Says Trump Supporters Have NO Defense

  1. HAHAHAHAHA I cant think about Little Brian without hearing Mark Dice impersonate him

  2. It's easy: Biden openly demonstrates his dementia on camera, Trump seems very clear headed, if eccentric. It's a big obvious difference. You can dislike Trump all you want, that doesn't magically make him mentally ill.

  3. You think with a melon that massive Stelter would have an ounce of brain power.
    When “news” channels like the Commie News Network turn to ACTORS for medical advice you know nobody’s home in that head.
    Nice TDS Cranston. Too bad you’re a total ass clown outside of your Walter White character.

  4. The "news to me" response to stupid questions is sarcasm. So is "oh really"

    Leftists have hard time understanding sarcasm these days since they have no sense of humor.

  5. I think it's time that Shelter got a taste of his own medicine and got shut down.

  6. I've stopped worrying about Bryan Cranston's sanity. He's not sane. And the realization of his TDS doesn't fill me with anger, but with profound amusement. What I now worry about is the sanity of any "journalist" who would cite that "plays make-believe for a living" man regarding the mental well-being of a public servant.

  7. When are you guys going to realize it's not about Biden. Everyone knows he isn't a real candidate. He was just there to back door the real candidate.

  8. CNN: Big New Story, Source: Some Dudes Opinion

    Yep, Sound like MSM to me, Alex Jones Copy Pasta!

  9. I'll say YOU have no defense! >:O

    What now, Tim! What now! Cheeeeckmate, Atheists!

  10. It's not "muttering off the cuff and not paying attention", it's "thinking out loud". You do it all the time.

  11. They talk about things like Diamond and Silk, and Hannity to inflame the culture war Tim..

  12. If we were put on trial for being an intelligent, sane and humane species: THERE WOULDN'T BE ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO CONVICT US!!!

  13. Trump: Protect the people, help people prosper, make people healthy, expose the corrupt, stop human trafficking, protect freedoms and rights of the people, stop propoganda, protect the Constitution, stop war, topple the Fed, fair trade, inexpensive cures not expensive "cures", real science not politicized science.
    Media: He's Gone Mad!

  14. They don't talk about Trump because they might have to talk about his accomplishments.

  15. If Cranston didn't get the role for Heisenberg…. he would still just be the dad from Malcolm in the middle, and we wouldn't even be watching this video. Fuck Hollywood and what they think.

  16. Not surprising …..CNN often cites themselves as a source and Brian Stelter can't even comprehend the problem with that.

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