Black men and women speak out about the prevalence of colorism in Hollywood—and discuss how they grew up bombarded with images of light-skinned actresses in lead roles, which perpetuated the belief that dark skin was “ugly.” For more on #DarkGirls, visit

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Colorism in Hollywood: Beauty is “Restricted to One Shade” | Dark Girls | Oprah Winfrey Network


17 thoughts on “Colorism in Hollywood: Beauty is "Restricted to One Shade" | Dark Girls | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. I never considered of Phylicia Rashad to be darkskin. I guess everyone's perception of shade is different.

  2. Sometimes it is features, not always colorism. There are plenty dark skinned women or mid-toned women that are considered beautiful and some are in Hollywood. Lupita, Naomi Campbell, Pam Grier, Phylicia Rashad, Kelly Rowland, Lauryn Hill. And some of the darkest women in the world from South Sudan are sought-after high-fashion models. So, beauty really isn't just one shade as is claimed. But they have smallish features or sharper features which often considered attractive in women by a mainstream of people. That said, there is a tendency to show more light skinned women but not only light skinned women. Now with men, it's not always the case in terms of skin tone or even features as much.

  3. Something wrong I'm in a all black and Indian community we live our lives omg .some just can't stop with the racial thing I love the people I live with except the ones just keep whining funny their the ones that have great jobs cars houses .I'm a white in Canada I don't whine cause I have nothin I enjoy life you only have 1 and make it the best .❤️🇨🇦✌️

  4. Your skin color is not your choice. American black family has many colors. Character and love produce beauty. The brightness of your personality make you stand out. People do not chose their color or looks which comes from family. Its how they are taught to embrace it. And treat others.❤

  5. My heart 💔 is clearly broken and mourns and hurts for the lack of love in this world 🌍. Why is that "we",( and this includes so so many of every single physical nationality that our precious Lord blessed us with), look at and judge with "our" eyes and totally forget that the Good Lord mourns these choices as well. So many claim to be Christian, (meaning Christ like), and yet somehow forget or ignore the fact that He reminds us in so many verses with His references using "us" and the "world" as one (John 3:16 for example), to include every single soul He created, making sure that He showed us that the color of the vessel He gave us was not mentioned in any way as a priority for the standard of how we should view, look at, and judge His personal ceations; because He wanted us to love every single soul He created and died for, so as to include every single soul to set foot on His world He created for each and every one of us. We lost our inability to love as Christ loves and this world will never be able to make a change until we live our lives guided by the ❤️ that loves ONLY and is without any hate dwelling in the ♥️ as well. Every soul is precious to Him and when one of those precious souls are hurt and violated because of evil , He then mourns them and so should we. This world needs a change of heart 💓 drastically. 😢

  6. Why Cleopatra supposed to be dark skinned women when in real history she was from Ptolemeic dynasty which was Greek? What an ignorance.

  7. Lets be honest here dark skin people are treated terrible everywere. I think the problem with this world is we have a problem accepting DIFFERENCES. Sure we are are the same genetically. But our physical features is what we are judged by in this world. Why are we consistently consirned about who's darker, Who is ugly. who is lighter who is prettier. Maybe us blacks are the ones who are obsessed with race. Colorism will never change if we make it a priority, for every decision we make In the black community.

  8. Light skinned aunt Viv was hired to do exactly what we saw.
    Dark skinned aunt Viv said the producers came to her and said they wanted to reduce the role. She was opposed to it. She was let go.
    Well, we now see the producers did precisely what they said they wanted to do.

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