Ricky Gervais (‘After Life’), Kumail Nanjiani (‘Silicon Valley’), Dan Levy (‘Schitt’s Creek’), Ramy Youssef (‘Ramy’), and Kenan Thompson (‘Saturday Night Live’) join Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter for our Comedy Actors Roundtable.

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49 thoughts on “Comedy Actors Roundtable: Ricky Gervais, Kumail Nanjiani, Kenan Thompson, Dan Levy | Close Up

  1. Where 👏 is 👏the 👏 rest? Did you only have 40 minutes over zoom or something? Then you cut it down to this?

  2. Someone edited this thing in a hurry. It looks like a compilation of videos. No consistency.

  3. Gervais is the only funny person on here.

    it shoud've been
    Zach Galifinakis
    Danny Mcbride
    Bill Burr
    Dave Chappelle
    Fred Armisen

  4. I would defend the view Ricky Gervais is taking. Comedy needs to be 'offensive'. It has to 'hurt'. Because – at it's best – it makes you think twice, WHY you laughed. Laughter, in the Freudian sense, is a bodily reaction to a paradox to the uncomfort.

    It is important what Ricky said – people coming to his shows are 'in on it'. They 'know' what is 'right' and that what a comedian outrageously says is a 'parody' of a racist, homophobe. It is an 'act'.
    When a racist, etc. says the same thing – it is NOT 'funny', by definition. Because, their audience says "yes", instead. Even though, for example, the White House Press Secretary wants you to think that "… he [Trump] said it in jest". Of course, he did not. But, it is hard to draw the line of 'who can say what'. Knowing the person is important. That is why social media fails. You cannot share sarcasm with a stranger.
    Maybe, in the United States – at this moment in time – comedy needs to take a break. Again, following Ricky's statement: You can only 'say something funny', when the other person is 'in on it'. If the other person feels hurt and miserable, you – as a comedian – failed.

  5. this was funny but the funniest part of this video was definitely the Hollywood Reporter editor getting flamed in the comments

  6. Kids don’t write on paper … lol … Are these kids in this guys head? Jokes … Switch “letter” for “DM” … update your material just a little bit:)

  7. I'm sad these are so short this year. I know that the pandemic changed a lot, but given all the others are an hour long conversation (probably cut down from at least 2), it's weird to have them only 15-20min. What was the reason for that? It's not like it's that much harder to edit compared to the dozens of cameras and breaks in the roundtable ones.

  8. It's a shame Kumail was involved in this panel. There is perhaps no more virtue signaling, anti-speech person in all of "comedy."

    He's a bootlicker for every Far Leftist cause out there that is the enemy of comedy and free speech.

  9. Interviewer totally lost track towards the end with Kumail 😂😂😂

  10. John 1
    14 The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

  11. Has Kumail done surgery? He looked so dumb in the past, but different now

  12. When are you releasing the Drama Actors Roundtable?
    Huge fan of Kieran on Succession.

  13. Are they sponsored by Apple ear buds or is it a coincidence that they all have the same ear pieces?

  14. Ricky seems quite insensitive here with regards to BLM. He doesn't get it. And his jokes about balls and pretending he's cerebral .. lmao. I'm glad he's being phased out by much more interesting, younger comedians.

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