COPS was on air for 30 years, Live PD also very popular. Both shows are taken off the air for “reasons” why do we think this is? This whole thing is a mess.

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27 thoughts on “Cops TV Show CANCELLED! Hollywood Turns On Police TV! Welcome To 1984

  1. I went to jail for a few hours once. The funny thing is that they had a tv for us in the "pit" (a room full of benches idk) and we were watching Cops.

  2. This is stupid. I never liked the show, but it was funny sometimes and i can't stand the song for the most part. It is classic tv though.

  3. I can agree with you on this one Jeremy the fact that Removing a cop TV show is the only thing done for police reform in 10 years take the police out of the spotlight just a bit and see what happens, bc you cant possibly be mad that a show that you dont want (a lot of ppl dont watch) off the air, the world needs to change and I'll take every inch we can take

  4. A third great video as always TheQuartering, also I'm every disappointed with these stupid ass people, who are basically ruined it for other people, I used watch cops a long time ago, it was a very good show, and watching stupid peoples's arresting was amazing to me.

  5. These people are absolute idiots, they seem to think if you remove statues, cancel shows and people they slightly disagree with and stop properly teaching kids about history and burying they past just because "something bad" happened is the way to go forward. If you don't learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it; and history HAS repeated several times because people like them keep showing up.

  6. I didn't understand canceling it. If anything it showed that a life of crime isn't something glamorous. The program was showing police officers enforcing the law…and now the music group "Lady Antelbellum" has changed their name to "Lady A" because it might offend someone. "Dukes of Hazzard" they will be burning all copies of that show next….

    Such nonsense.

  7. They should make even bigger and heaver statues so they can't move them. Use tax revenue to pay for it too, they all eventually pay for it.

  8. Blaming the good cops for what the bad cops do is dumb. I am glad for the cats. They have a tough and hard job out there. These people are not make their jobs easier. Can we please stop doing this knucklehead stuff please. Thank you.

  9. I love how many company's are jumping on this "we don't support racism" advertisement trend.

  10. Imagine all those weak SJW girls crying for the police when they are being attacked but there are no more police to defend them. Without the balance that the police make, the dirty underbelly of the world will sneak out of there dark places and come for you. The big picture is often forgotten when emotions make a person short sighted.

  11. the police should implement a check anytime someone calls requesting assistance. they check your twitter and if you have a blue check mark they do not provide any assistance as if you do not support the police, why should they support you.

  12. “Whatcha gonna do when they come for you” 🙂 TV runs on cop shows so what happens to NCIS, Law and Order, Hawaii Five O, Magnum PD, Line of Duty and I could go on and on

  13. I swear if bones, law & order, or NCIS gets cancelled or woke I'm cutting their channels.

  14. Is this a joke?
    This great show was cancelled because it had the "audacity" to show blacks as criminals?
    Where will this black lives matter movement garbage end?
    When the world consists of only "black culture" things that present them in nothing but a positive light?
    Please GOD,I pray to YOU,put an end to this insanity….🙏🙏

  15. Why is one fringe of society (progressives and anarchists) being catered to, and bowed down to? Why are all others not caring?? WTF.

  16. Dude LIVE PD showed amazing, patient, and wonderful cops. All the episodes you see the cops deal with, hang out, and know their community. Even most the people they arrested, they were familiar with and knew personally, even when arresting they were joking around, and trying to cheer them up.

  17. It's funny, cops had so many blacks in parts of America with lots of blacks around and they also had lots of every other race when they were in cities with lots of minorities or whites around.

    It was fair and honest, now its gone in the false name of viture, great job morons, lmao they're going to set us back so many decades it isn't even funny, but I can't help but laugh

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