Coronavirus concerns hit Hollywood: From ‘Jeopardy’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune’ filming without live audiences to Broadway slashing ticket prices to new movie push backs, we’re breaking down all the latest updates.

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10 thoughts on “Coronavirus' Big Impact on Hollywood: From Coachella to 'Jeopardy' to Broadway | THR News

  1. FK HOLLYWOOD. Hope they all get it and die off…..just like they wish upon conservatives.

  2. Whenever there is a "flu scare" the first thing we run out of in the market is toilet paper. Why is that? You'd think the big break in would be for antibiotics. Nope, it's poo paper. Don't people have a bunch of that laying around anyway? And all these warnings to wash your hands. I guess that vast majority of adults still have to have people remind them to wash their hands. Crazy.

  3. I mean… f*** their business. COVID-19 is a pandemic. People should keep their health in check over having a since droplet of concern over some acting bullshit.

  4. Those of us working in the entertainment industry are screwed. So many cancellations of concerts, festivals and movies. This sucks.

  5. Its actually called COVID-19
    Coronavirus is a bunch of diseases like headaches, fevers, flu's, So technically we all had Coronavirus before but the one that is deadly and what everyone is talking about is specifically called covid 19

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