Covid-19 AKA Coronavirus forced movies like like “Frozen 2” and “Birds of Prey,” to release early, while “Trolls World Tour,” has decided to skip the theatrical window entirely.
With movie theaters shut down around the country, there isn’t any revenue coming through, forcing some locations to close for good and lay off employees.This is how the pandemic is changing Hollywood and the entertainment industry forever. Voiced by Variety news anchor Audrey Cleo Yap.


22 thoughts on “Coronavirus Is Changing Hollywood

  1. Being a conservative in Hollywood today is like being black in KKK land of the 1930’s or Jewish in Nazi Germany.

  2. Theaters and Restaurants are going to REMOVE HALF OF THEIR SEATS…. then CHARGE YOU DOUBLE to make up loss
    Thanks china

  3. Hollywood shall be the next slum.Even if coronavirus is over, people will not be entertained by the glamour, narcissism and bull crap anymore. After our time spent in isolation for reflective thinking, people ain’t having it no more.

  4. Check gacts dude ! Vaccines = murder tools ! Read dude ! Vaccines side effects , it killing you instead of cure ! Experts are sadist liars ! Get awake dumb teenaged ?

  5. Dumb actors collecting money to who organization ! Behind who = bill gates the biggest donator ! Bill gates = vaccines murdertools he killed duizends kids in africa & india ! Bill = serial murder vaccines killer tools!

  6. fuck Hollywood. They haven't lifted a finger to aid anyone. I say when this is over we all make them broke as hell.

  7. This was happening anyway, theaters are on the way out and have been for a while. At least online presents some income, hotels and restaurants have none.

  8. so the traditional movie theatre experience will go the way of the video rental experience


  10. No one fucking cares about Hollywood right now😂😂😂 they’re rich regular people arent

  11. Liking the nod to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy at the beginning showing Deep Thought calculating 42% on the movie screen

  12. We will bounce back, the revenue stream will adapt and change. Quality will not change it is just how we make films and make income. We will get through COVID-19, just know we will overcome this difficult time for everyone.

  13. Distribution will certainly change but Pricing should seriously be studied as well. You can't be paying for a monthly streaming subscription and be expected to pay a premium fee of 19.99$ for a movie. That's insane. That could be fair for exclusive movies like Avengers and so on, but again, you'll probably have groups organizing movie nights at home who'll end up sharing the 19.99 fee. Seeing the state of the world now, people might actually pay, but they'll be definitely thinking of sharing the fee with their friends and will once the lockdown is lifted.

  14. Adam Heatherly: "I swear there's some kinda conspiracy to kill all Hollywood movies at this point!"
    Me: "Nobody's saying that, rather it's rising up streaming…."
    Adam Heatherly: "What are you talking about?"
    Variety, ASAP Science and Kodi: "Allow us to introduce ourselves."

  15. 2:30 As of the release of this video, "Invisible Man" is available for rent for $19.99 on YouTube. How in the hell does this make sense? Hollywood execs have gone mad.

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