Coronavirus. Coronavirus. Coronavirus.

It seems like the pandemic has taken over the world, including Hollywood. Here’s our take on it.



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We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it.

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  1. Remember when you shit talked Sylvia Browne when she died in 2013? Well she predicted the 2020 coronavirus so that's a big slap on your face.

  2. Stumbled upon this cringe video.These are people that literally shape public opinion, I hate cancel culture but there should be repercussions for being this facetious and irresponsible.

  3. Hollywood or rather pedowood is full pedophiles that drink adrenochrome and they're getting sick from the Coronavirus because they're adrenochrome was tainted with it so now they're showing up positive for this and a lot of them are setting at home under house arrest more and more of these idiots are going to get it and then they're going to prison lot of them are wearing ankle monitors trying to pretend that everything is okay when really they're sitting there in a panic because they have an ankle monitor on and they cannot get any more adrenal Chrome because they're in a lockdown in their homes and cannot get to babies and children to sacrifice them so they can drink their blood tough s*** you parasite all of you can go right straight to hell where your master is you pieces of crap

  4. It just appear in Facebook a stupid title from TMZ : second dog infected with corona virus, and at the end it was negative. STOP spreading this kind of lies about pets, you are only causing that people that doesn’t know the true abandon or kill their pets. Pets don’t get corona virus, is contagious only between humans, vets are confirming this.

  5. Yes it's taking Hollywood finally take the Kardashians too and the crooked politicians and spare rest of us folks

  6. TMZ staff can get the coronavirus very easy. Breathing around each other😂. Bunch of dumbasses.

  7. Hey lefties. Now that you've cheapened the word racist even more by now deeming it's racist to say "Chinese virus," is it now racist to say "African American" or "Indian American?" CHECK. MATE. 🤣

  8. Illuminati literally insulting us. Chet Hanks with his nice symbolic tattoos as well. COVID-19 is just an agenda to shift the state of the world economy and level of security around the world. The New World Order has never been this close. Wake up people. Do something about it.

  9. Wow the Coronavirus testing for rich people!!!! But they will try example vaccine to poor people 😔

  10. Its funny how people wear gloves. If they touch Corona germ with gloves and touch everything else they are still spreading it.

  11. You all are doing a disservice to the public buy-down playing the pandemic, I hope your not looking back ashamed of yourself

  12. Sad news yet people are laughing like its a joke. People are dieing just saying hope they get well quickly.

  13. I've heard Tom Hanks is actually trying to stay away from the U.S…. Cause he's part of the snitch list Weinstein put together.. To reduce his sentence to 23 years instead of 55 years old. Lots of top celebrities are going to use this virus as a cover while they go thru legal actions… ALOT IS COMING TO LIGHT

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