They talk about Sundance and An American Crime and Hounddog. Yeah, the quality sucks. I don’t know how to put the actual video on here. They talked about other movies at Sundance too but I didn’t record them.


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  1. R.I.P Sylvia you will never be forgotten.I heard later his sister jenny passed away in 2004 of a heart attack R.I.P Jenny/Sylvia

  2. I've read on Wikipedia 'bout Gertie's hearing after her parole.. she said she's on drugs that time happened and she didn't know what she's doing..*fuLL of sH!T!! even dogs know how hurting feels….

    poor sylvia..she's innocent.. R.I.P sweet girl

  3. That's not why I figured he didn't put all the horrific parts in the movie. I figured he thought that if he included all the details he wouldn't get as many audience members that were able to watch it because they wouldn't have the stomach to take all of it. It was terrible in the movie it's horrible to think that the real crime was a lot worse than shown in the movie.

  4. American Crime was so sad…I cried like crazy. May Slyvia rest in peace. Its so terrible what happened to her. That crazy bitch who tortured her should rot in hell. I know its wrong to say things like that, but i just cant help myself. I couldn't even watch most of the movie. She should have been tortured to death just like that poor innocent girl! Omg, i need to calm down…….Ok, sorry for saying that guys.

  5. she just randomly started abusing the poor girl for no reason and how the hell do u have the heart to beat and crippled child (Jenny. maybe gertrude was crazy or maybe she was just a she-devil, maybe she was both but one thing's 4 sure, she's going to burn in hell!

  6. can anyone tell me what this story is about? i have never heard of this case, what happened and why? thanks

  7. oh man, another film bout sylvia. you guys could check out similar film by jack ketchum's the girl next door indie film.

  8. I hope Gertrude burns in hell; this is one of those cases in which they should let the victims family take it on the abuser. Id be glad to put my own hands on that evil woman!
    i wish there werent people like her 🙁

  9. guys Google search Sylvia Likens and read the real story what happen to her and sister

  10. i didt know that ,i seen the house also ,they should put killer all over the house because she the worse person that could be !!!

  11. i feel really really bad for the girl she didn't even get her driving liences (cant spell ) thats pretty fuck up for that woman to do to her she didn't derseve it . she did all this because of a late check thats so stupid and the people who didt really reconize what was happening are fucked up too !!! =(

  12. I live in Indianapolis and have seen the house. Very few people in the neighborhood know the history of the house.

  13. Well it has been about two months now since this movie clip was posted and still this movie has not been released in the USA. Why???? Because the money people don't want a court battle in the USA.

  14. The movie couldn't be released before it was finished! I know a lot of movies make it from theaters to DVD quickly, but before the movie is even finished?!?!

  15. It will never be released. At one time they probably thought that they could slide this one through. This is proof that artists should read the law before wasting money. If they wanted to fight this in court they would have already released it. It could be released in Europe where the laws are different. Most likely they used the film festival as a trial balloon.

  16. Um…its not released in theatres yet. But its going to be. They wouldn't go to all the trouble of making this film if it wasn't going to be released in the USA. If you can rent "pretty baby" in video stores, and I have, you'll be able to rent this film, ONCE it comes out.

  17. That is why no one is showing this movie in the USA. Bad movies are shown all the time but this movie was never shown in the US. Why? Because then there would be clear evidence for a judge. Why don't you go to a video store and see if you can rent it? Let me know how you make out!!!

  18. That's only when they show actual nudity. They don't in the film. Takes a moron to mistake it for kiddie porn.

  19. Under Federal Law (Title 18 chapter 110)sex acts involving children in films either real or "appears to be" real are kiddie porn. Be aware that any 'discussion' could end up in court. Only a moron would show this movie in the USA.

  20. i heard about that xD my mom told me about that and i saw that case on cold case files once when they had another case on they talked about the girl for like 2mins and went on about the newer case of a girls disapearence

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