Thanks for Watching! In this video, we get creative and design our very own ride/attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood. Enjoy!

The following video, along with the channel it’s on, is intended for a general audience over the age of thirteen (13). Viewer discretion is advised.

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13 thoughts on “Creating The Perfect Universal Studios Hollywood Ride!

  1. On roblox theme park tycoon I made the universal studios park

  2. What about a how to train your dragon rework of the despicable me area. You get to hang out in Berk and they just have dragons on roof tops and some are animations. The ride for the area would be kinda like the flight of the banshee but you are on Toothless and the other dragons fighting one of those giant dragon around Berk and in the secrete dragon hide a way with the cool neon scales and stuff with black lights (they could set up a face paint place where you can get viking war paint or viking festival paint that would react and glow on the ride). The despicable me area would be a cool spot because it already feel like it hovers over most of the valley when and you could create some cool sight lines and set up a bunch of really cool hidden dragons and features in a land like this. (i'll take a job at universal anytime now thanks(lol jk but i think this would be an amazing idea and for a much more deserving franchise than the trash heap that illumination has created))

  3. Honestly the back to the future idea should replace the fast and furious area on the tram tour

  4. Rick and Morty should replace the Simpsons ride and it would a 360 ride like king Kong 360 and the mummy replaced by stranger things. The ride system would the same as E.T, it would be a dark ride.

  5. These videos are fun & creative! It really puts you in the mind of the ceative team behind the rides. Also, you guys should do another video where you create your own festival for the parks, like how DCA has the Food & Wine & Knott’s has the Boysenberry Festival! Now that would be fun!

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