31 thoughts on “Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson – Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony – Live Stream

  1. Wow that was a nice speech the Em said I enjoyed it. Man I have a crush on Rana Ghadban.

  2. Fif once told how he and Dre were never so close which showed up in the beef with the game and how em was the one who always wanted him and the one who was making the bond between them, so am glad that they are still loyal to each other. guy deserved it

  3. Imagine 50 cent and Em are almost 50 years old but they still look like thier in late 30s

  4. Congrats, 50! Well deserved, glad to see both Eminem and Dr. Dre showing support. You know they're good friends when Em makes a public appearance

  5. I walked passed while this was going, I wasn't sure who was getting a star at the time. Kinda wish I would have checked it out.

  6. How they gotta be like 'He's with the station' when Big Boy was getting a shot smh

  7. 28:27 why Dr.dre is leaving man?
    Eminem is the only one real Friend 50 has. Dre is always cold against 50, he is fake.

  8. 50 Cent is a real gangsta hustler who has made it to Hollywood, but he ain’t “Hollywood” living legend 💯💪🏾

  9. 50 cent the only rapper who had a video game on PlayStation 2 in 2004 called bulletproof and the game was A+ good with crazy gunit music in-game

  10. I’m so glad he got this honor and looking at Dre n Em with fif…. much love n god bless fif

  11. Been rocking with 50 since 4th grade Get Rich or Die Tryin (Soundtrack) first album I bought with my own money, Owned plenty of G-Unit shirts & shoes even the video game Bulletproof. Congrats 🔥

  12. Much love for 50 Cent! Hollywood baby! 🙂

    I still hope for 50's Street King Immortal album, and another collab between him, Em, and Dre

  13. Im not a hater. Congrats to 50cent. On that shot. But im always dblock 1st. Bless God

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