Dakota Johnson honours former stepdad Antonio Banderas with a moving and funny speech at the 2019 Hollywood Film Awards as he accepts the Hollywood Actor Award for his latest collaboration with director Pedro Almodovar in “Pain And Glory”.

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33 thoughts on “Dakota Johnson Honours Stepdad Antonio Banderas At Hollywood Film Awards

  1. Very few men women love stepkids they love their spouse deefply mynin law didvthat she overc40 he loved mom anvshowed it

  2. I liked the couple Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith ..didn’t know that they got divorced !!
    I didn’t also know that Dakota Johnson is his step-daughter ..I like the energy that she cherishes him as her stepdad and acknowledges him in public ..Being grateful and thankful brings lots of blessings ❤️💕

  3. i honoured my stepdad With a Bashing For not letting me have a GF until i turned 30

  4. She is blessed two fold to be loved by 2 Papis' and of course they are equally blessed to have the love of an exceptional daughter.

  5. Ninja, hablas con la Lutz de una Estrella y tu Antonio con la dulzura de un turron

  6. Why exactly her mother divorced him?
    What causes people to get divorced and find a new partner?
    Was one of them cheating on another, if it is the reason then divorce is understandable. But if that is not the case, then could they not resolved whatever issue they had. It's not like you are going to get a god to marry after divorcing the current one. Everyone has defects. And it takes compromises to live with another person.
    Specially women who can get another guy very easily tends to get divorce very fast. It has become a norm now to get divorced in some years after marriage just because someone else is getting a divorce.

  7. I know he's known for much more profound work.. but he will always be Mr. Corte from Spy kids for me LOL

  8. She made a television ad in Spain, her Spanish was unfortunate but we don't disrespect her. we would like to see her here trying to speak a language that is not her own … and we are more than flamenco and ham, go around the world, or your country, where 8 states still have cities with Spanish names.

  9. I’m not even gonna read the comments but let’s just say, it’s great for her to still have respect towards him. She was raised by him along with her mother & of course still having her real father raising & around too. They are close & still getting along for years to come. Respect this family, please!! Stepdad or not. Out of the picture or not. They are a family ❤️

  10. Pedro Almodovar no ha cambiado España, es la gente la que se pudo quitar la caspa anterior y gracias a eso él pudo florecer, los cambios sociales van muy por delante de los medios de comunicación o el cine. Es al revés siempre. El cine es el reflejo de un cambio social, no el motor.

  11. I knew Banderas is her stepdad. I was in love with Dakota when I watch the Fifty Shades franchise. She is such a kind woman. And her sense of humor is really rare.

  12. Dakota also has a half sister Stella Banderas. She is Antonio's and Melanie's child. He brought up both of them. They are one blended family despite the divorce

  13. Evidentemente, hay una gran desinformación sobre la vida y la relación entre "Antonio Banderas" y "Dakota Johnson" que lleva a un debate absolutamente estéril. La madre de "Johnson", la actriz "Melanie Griffith", estuvo casada con "Don Johnson" durante años y producto de esa relación nació "Dakota" pero todo terminaría en divorcio a mediados de los '90's. ¿Por qué? Porque durante años, ambos fueron noticia por la extrema violencia que había en la relación, lo que terminó con la carrera de "Johnson". Durante el proceso de divorcio, "Griffith" conoció a "Banderas" cuando protagonizó junto con ella una película romántica independiente. Fue amor a primera vista y nunca más se separaron uno del otro. Él fue el padre que "Dakota" necesitaba. "Banderas" vivió con adoración para ella y la madre hasta que en el 2015 decidió terminar con el matrimonio. Durante más de 10 años, "Griffith" estuvo sumida en problemas psiquiátricos con respecto a su imagen debido a sus inseguridades con la edad. Se realizó infinidad de cirugías estéticas hasta llegar a deformar por completo su rostro. En resumen, "Antonio Banderas" salvó la vida de esa familia dando un amor infinito que pocos padrastros dan, por ende, lo mínimo que merece es que "Dakota Johnson" lo llame "papi"… PORQUE ES EL ÚNICO PADRE REAL QUE TUVO… "Antonio Banderas" ES el papá de "Dakota Johnson"… "Don Johnson", es su progenitor… y el hombre que le reventaba la cara a golpes a su madre todos los dias… Saludos. #PadreEsElQueCríaConTodoElAmor

  14. why native english speakers never point out the same about accents when the speaker has a thick accent as well but in this case he/she is, let's say german instead of spaniard..? 🤷🏻‍♂️
    I notice them being way more picky on us, spaniards, than on any other non-native english speakers… Another example that comes to mind is when people from arab or asian countries speak english… it wouldn't be politically correct making a joke about their english accent bc it would sound xenophobic or racist… with spaniards on the other hand, it's a butt of jokes. 🙄

  15. Dakota is simply beautiful. And what a class act to honour her papì in such a lovely way!
    Of course, we all love Antonio, too. ❤🌹

  16. Very sweet step daughter I ever heard. Salute to you Mr. Banderas. You're for being a great step dad.

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