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42 thoughts on “Dame Dash Blasts WeTv & Suing Ex-Wife Rachel Roy on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

  1. I want to understand Dame Dash… I really do. I believe there is a message there. I have a sister who has foresight, and we would totally benefit from her message. However, the delivery is extremely off putting. I’m going to study Dame

  2. Um I thought 💭 Lyon Cohen shut dame down he was at u tube
    If you stop 🛑 taking checks from WE ..stop funding culture vultures like lee Daniels now
    You having problems lol stop ..dame uses the same tactics ask why he rob JT your contradicting yourself 🤦‍♀️Karma is something else

  3. 🛑🤦‍♀️ dame robbed Jt Bigga Figga he told me the whole story …If they feel like you don’t know the business music / film these ppl will rob you so I call it KARMA

  4. I don’t care how “good” of a person you are. He’s so loud and continues to over speak and constantly describes himself. It’s rude. It’s hard to stand someone like that.

  5. Who else went back to big pimpin video to check out melyssa ford? She's still so pretty …

  6. Dame is delusional in some respect many people has accused him of robbing them..and he pro black… where?

  7. Sorry but Dame is getting old to me. He is salty because Jay and Ye are billionaires and he hasn’t quite lived up to his dreams. He was calling people culture vultures then went and worked with Adam (who is a culture culture) and Vlad Tv

  8. I loved this interview. Anything with Dame Dash on it or in it…I am there. I respect this passionate brother so much.

  9. Dame Dash isnt Warren Buffett or Bill Gates in terms of been a first rate businessman. But he definitely has the mind to be a better business brain than 50 Cent who has been more successful than Dame despite coming into hiphop at a later date. The central issue with Dame Dash is his demeanour which is unrefined and unpolished. He has that inner city ghetto exterior and mannerisms which makes him frightening and unappealing to those white men in suits and tie who will see him as a stereotype for the black man that's to be avoided. He also doesn't have civilised or polite etiquette which is necessary for good social interaction and building relationships even amongst his own black community and those he claims he is looking out for. Those that fallout with Dame Dash will testify to him been a good hearted person who is let down by his impoverished manners and overbearing personality that shouts and talk down to people rather than engage in a dialogue of mutual disagreement. But his education isn't from the formal institutions of learning like schools and universities but from the inner cities of New York namely Harlem which doesn't translate well into corporate business or men who are not from that walk of life who monopolise American business

  10. It’s hard listening to this interview cause dame is being dame and not letting the interviewers talk and I can imagine they are on top toes to not set him off

  11. No matter how smart you are he’s his own worst enemy I’m sorry! To be a good business is willing to work with other no matter how you feel about them! But you do it cause you know at the end it’s gonna benefit you and your are gonna make other important contacts. Being difficult to work with is not a good look at all I mean at all Doing business is about being smart and networking

  12. His statement about Fear is what I needed today. Love you Dame. 🙌🏾🙏🏾❤️🔥

  13. Dame is the realist….maybe how he delivers it can be a little harsh but it's TRUE spit. .ppl just dont like to hear the truth. Stay woke peeps ✌

  14. So he did the show for his son,,, son now needs rehab,,, now he mad at vultures being vultures. Nigga corny

  15. #PowerToThePeople
    It’s time y’all to come together and build another black Wall Street. Each one teach one and protect each other. Let go of the colonizer ways ♥️✊🏿 I see you Dame and I’m so proud of him!

  16. Dame Dash has always been deep but dam, I felt EVERYTHING he said. He's really for the culture and although he's crazy, I definitely RESPECT him. I affirm peace and blessings to him, his family and his life ❤ He's a real one ✊🏾💪🏾👏🏾👍🏾

  17. This is so needed for us my hats off Dame and this show

  18. Shout out to this channel and Dame for bringing real truth to light !!

  19. Dame the same as a crooked pastor he talks about a bunch bullshit & is a hypocrite, he preaches "culture vulture" yet he deals with white women & continues to do business with white ppl & when he gets played he plays this racism card …look how he let adam22 exploited him smh

  20. This nigga always complaining , as u seen on that show his OWN kids told him to his face that he is the problem….. dame is a narcissist which is why he cant ever take blame for anything smh

  21. Dame is a broke bitch he treated people like shit for years that’s why everybody left his ass now he’s trying to reinvent himself jumping on everyone’s channel trying gravy train viewers. I hear he’s trying to screw over Adam 22 after Adam let him get on his show.

  22. Dame got that 6000 sq ft studio. All them movie cameras. His connection looks like shit. You can’t tell the truth and still lie Dame 😂😂😂😂

  23. In life you have to fight and stand up for self and family I respect Dame.

  24. I don't miss a Dame da greatest asswhole interview 💯
    He really is a wise MAN

  25. Dame needs to stop blaming weTV for messing his kids up and look in the mirror

  26. I like dame but how is it that everyone here does business with he has an issue with

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