Jonathan Frid, who portrayed Dark Shadows’ beloved vampire, Barnabas, plants his hand print in a ceremony at the Vista Theater in Hollywood on July 16, 2010.


33 thoughts on “Dark Shadows Festival Jonathan Frid in ceremony at Vista Theater Hollywood

  1. and Jim-I-never-heard-of-an-iron-Pierson blows yet another major Dark Shadows event with his uncanny organizational skills.  Good job there Jim – but you just keep slurping down your little drink while an octogenarian struggles in 100 degree heat.  Really, you should have been an events planner with how well you organize things….nooooobody thought to even have a chair for him?  What a team of people!!  Such foresight!

  2. R I P Dear Jonathan ! Know you are sadly missed by so many of your fans like me !

  3. and yet-another pathetically planned event!!!  Good job, organizers!!

  4. Boy those fans are freaking out on you. Frid might as well go ahead and clown around with the fans by shaking his bum bum and roll his cane around as amongst the crowd of fans.

  5. He directed his own ceremony…what a great trouper and professeional…love his endurance and quality of performance!!

  6. I agree with John Charles. Watching Mr. Frid struggle like that is definitely heartbreaking!

  7. Why didn't this event happen sooner, before Jonathan became so old and frail?????

  8. Unbelievable how unorganized they were, not anticipating his limitations. Love you Jonathan! You were the best!

  9. Never seen such a bunch of imbeciles, his so-called 'handlers' and committee ppl assigned to him and yet No One even thought to have a chair for a man in his 80's in record heat!!  Good thinking there Jim P. and Marcy!!  Could this have been organized any Worse??  But hey,  just stand around smiling and drinking your slurpees while this elderly man got treated like a prop!  What a bunch of Jerks!! He had every right to be pissed. They thought to have a play-by-play announcer and a guitar player – but not an appropriate set-up for a man his age – the star of the series!  Good job there Festival Organizers!!  'Marcy – Marcy – you're in the way'!!

  10. Thank god he did not break a hip. They could have put a slab on a table dumbasses!!

  11. Well I liked him in his 40's, 50's but I sure wouldnt go see him in his 80's.
    mostly because i cant stand the people yelling Whoop whoop

  12. They should have it on a table and place it when dry. Its kind of heart breaking to watch.

  13. OMG whatta clusterfuck his "handlers" made of this…he was VERY gracious even as he had no clue what the hell he was supposed to be doing…"Put my hand in WHAT? Get this off faster!!" and that wry look he gives that doofus after doofy hands him the stick and Jonathan gets that he has to KNEEL DOWN AGAIN to sign his name. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  14. 1- he was not advised well enough to know what he should do
    2- security team could have went back to playing games
    3- have a chair ready for a 87 year old man
    4- better preparation if you want him to do this kind of things
    the old cast helped and knew what to do better than the cast team getting paid to work. my word. He was kind enough to do this
    6-this is pitiful that the noise was going on no one knows what to do he says where in the world do i go…….

  15. I was able to see Lyndhurst last week while in NY.I was also able to see the studio where they filmed at 433 W 53 Rd St.I had no idea it was so close to my younger daughter's 1st apt she had in the city.The area is much nicer looking now with new apts and condos.I read they'll have it at the Lyndhurst estate and honor JF with vidoes he had planned to show.

  16. Thanks for writing back.You post ended up in my Spam folder.I met JF at a small Trekkie convention in Anaheim,Ca in 1980.Someday I'd like to see the " Collinwood "estate and saw it from a distance driving thru there years ago.My daughters are in NYC.

  17. Was the D S's festival in 2012 the last one he attended?Are they every two years?

  18. He did have that thing to kneel on,like in churches.He did look so frail then.

  19. I imagine that Jonathan might have been the oldest celebrity to put his hands in cement at the Vista. Hopefully they will remember his difficulty for future senior celebrities. Still, Jonathan was a trooper!

  20. Nice job! Great angle and superb closeup of his hand and cane. Thank you for posting this.

  21. Why didn't the organizers make this event easier for him? He was very gracious to say the least.

  22. i don't understand why things were not made easier for mr. frid to put his handprintsand sign his name in the cement

  23. Thanks for your comments. I don't really think the crowd bothered Jonathan as there was a velvet rope that kept them from his personal space. I suspect that the ceremony was not adequately explained to him. Someone said they should have had the cement at waist level but this was not possible. Prior to the event they should have practiced getting him down on his knee. They should have had a chair and a long stylus for his signature to be done first. He really wanted that cement off of his hand!

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