Dawn Wells “Mary Ann” shows some personal items from Gilligans Island that will be up for an auction in 2011.


21 thoughts on “Dawn Wells "Mary Ann" on Hollywood Treasures

  1. If she needed money why didn't she go to work and then on top of that look at the stuff that she has in her house she could have sold that and made more than 7 million dollars has she planned better and been more nice of the people she could have been still working

  2. She owe money to the Internal Revenue Service and she's selling all her stuff yet she goes on GoFundMe so that she can pay for her illness does this sound like a whole lot of coincidence to you she got 7 million dollars on her net worth how did she get it she went to the GoFundMe

  3. I bought her tv that you see in this video. I even did a video on it.  It was nice to meet Dawn for the 2nd time as I meet her years ago when she had her Wishing Wells clothing line.  She was so excited. when I told her that I was the person who bought her Tv.  Nice video, by the way!

  4. The movie remake has been on and off for fifteen years.   If they do it, they're going to spoof it like they did with the Brady Bunch movie.   That's the only way they're going to make it work.   As for casting…..that's where they have to be careful.   This was such an integral show that if even ONE character is miscast, it's going to derail everything.   Personally, I think they should try.

  5. I love both Tina Louise and Dawn Wells I don't take sides, but Dawn still lookslike a kid compared to Tina Louise

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