Today we will discuss some left over conversation from the RIP doctor Who live stream. Dynamite Comics bending the knee to the whisperers. Tenet juts got cancelled, that’s about it for Hollywood in 2020. Panic button has been hit. ReleaseTheAyerCut may happen. All this and you.
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49 thoughts on “Defund Doctor Who | Dynamite KNEELS to Cancel Culture | Hollywood CANCELED 2020

  1. Please don't bring Farscape back; it's been too long, they killed off too many characters, it just won't be the same.

  2. @Nerdrotic Live – Gary, you mentioned wanting to read a book about the Dr. Who olden days. Have you watched any of SFDebris videos on the subject? Most aren't on YouTube, but you can see them all on his website at sfdebris dot com. He does analysis and a lot of in-depth studies, mostly about Star Trek but there's a LOT of Dr. Who content. Check it out!

  3. I wont book until i have details for your thing. I do have the time off set up. But i need details!

  4. Americans should stop calling for the BBC to be defunded on the basis of the few of the bigger shows they get to see, there's so much more to it than you're seeing.

  5. BBC – just kill Dr. Who. It's universally panned now. You screwed it up. We hate it – even the Woke Ones who claim they like it actually hate it. Please just cancel it.

  6. Hollywood is like the abuser who kids you they're trying to help you out, and just won't quit. No films for a year? To quote JC Denton: "I think you'll be happier without that guy around".

  7. It's beyond me why entertainment companies bought line, hook and sinker the idea that women want to see other women on the screen all the time, being completely obnoxious and emasculating men. Hollywood used to be smarter about these things in the past.

  8. People that give money openly for such causes only do it to cover up their own guilt. No normal person thinks and acts in such a way. They think the public virtue signaling will absolve them. Marxism is a mental disorder.

  9. Question, why do you keep on referring to people as NPC "non-player characters" its just rude; you've created a counter culture within the nerd community.
    That follow you and watch you're live steams. Just because someone has a different opinion than you; you've gotta call them out due to them calling something out you like or love.
    you can be quite divisive.

  10. Nick Barucci is now the middle-school nerd who will be bullied mercilessly for his lunch money by the SJW neighborhood whisper network. Nick, your troubles have only started.

  11. WAIT, WHAT? $70.00 FOR TWO PIZZAS?! Gary, do you or Mrs. Nerdrotic bake? You could make your own dough and pizzas for so much less.

  12. It’s a truly miserable time.
    Good and decent people need to recognize we are in a culture war, and start fighting it as dirty as the evil people are.
    BLM, artifa, SJWs, hollywoke, Disney, Late night TV show hosts, access media ‘’journalists’’ …these people are evil. Straight up. They destroy, corrupt, tear down, pervert, threaten, bully, censor and coerce. They are mean spirited, petulant and bigoted.
    Despite all this, they are convinced they are the good guys.
    They hate our society so much, they think it is virtuous to destroy it. They must be attacked head on and defeated.

  13. When you give a bully your lunch money, they don't go away. They come back and bully you for your lunch money again tomorrow. So disappointing. I won't be supplying Dynamite with lunch money for the bullies.

  14. They went after Cecil because he is the one with the least followers and the easiest to take out. If they tried to do that to Ethan he would fight back so hard because he has the resources and the ability to do so. And this is what the left is doing, going for the "weaker" ones first.

  15. same with evs, nobody knows who he is outside of our bubble, and its insane how much money he made just with hype.

  16. Has anyone seen Superman: Man of tomorrow? I saw screenshots of the animated movie and it looks like Archer. That's not a style I think looks good on Superman.

  17. Gary, if this is your first time watching Blake's 7, you are in for a treat. The B7 finale is my favourite finale of all time. I will NOT spoil it, but I am really looking forward to your reaction.

  18. That's absolutely right!
    I support President Trump and I don't HATE ANYONE who dosent.
    Politics has nothing to do with being ENTERTAINED. 🙂

  19. Following you on Parler Gary great to see you there and liking my comment, hopefully the rest of you join Parler where you don't have to worry about censorship or the blue checkmark losers

  20. Wait… so if someone makes a charitable donation to a BLM-related organization, that means they're "OUT" as far as doing business with you? ?!?

  21. Gary when you get to talking bout Farrakhan – dont forget to mention that the Nation of Islam is a UFO cult!!
    One nation under a groove….

  22. I believe Doctor Who lost female fans because they lost me after 40 plus years! I highly doubt young girls are watching that mess either… IJS.

  23. Peter Simeti is everything Nick wishes he was.
    Dynamite will go right back to where they were before working with CG.
    Dying slowly.
    Alterna is doing better than ever.

  24. I don't care if that pizza had crust that was made from manna bread that fell from heaven, no pizza under God's sun is worth 70 bucks.

  25. There could be a way to fix Dr Who. Have Capaldi back being tortured for the equations for time travel, and everything we have had to endure is explained as a fantasy regeneration to keep the information from his tormentors. As soon as he is rescued, he could regenerate for real, or, you could have some more of Capaldi giving it large for another season or two.

  26. Breonna Taylor was some girlfriend or something of a guy that was having his house raided by Louisville PD on drug suspicions. The guy fired on the police as they were entering the apt, they fired back, and Breonna Taylor was struck by a bullet and killed.

    THAT is who Breonna Taylor was.

  27. It's not just entertainment and history they are destroying. It's a full blown Marxist revolution.

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