In Fences, Denzel Washington takes us back to the Amerca’s 50th and invites us into the home of an African-American family. Those were tough days for African American. In this interview, Washington talks about the past and present, and the progress made in between.


42 thoughts on “Denzel Washington on Race in the US and in Hollywood

  1. Love the actor….
    After watching this ….
    I got more respect listening DW's answers to these "questions" ….

  2. I’m a disabled Latina screenwriter/video editor. I agree with Denzel that maybe Troy just wasn’t good enough. I’m fully prepared to
    Accept I’m not a good enough screenwriter or good enough video editor. I’m not gonna jump to ‘I didn’t get the job because of my race of disability’.

  3. Look at Denzel not following the narrative he better be careful he could not get many good movie offers any more. regardless I respect the man's honesty

  4. “…troy is miseducating his children how the white man is going to hold him…” exactly! It is appalling to me how race keeps coming up by the left in every single issue.

  5. Why do I feel like this guy was constantly trying to push Denzel to say that the world is racist. He kept trying to say things are getting better, things are changing and this guy kept trying to turn it around

  6. Why are people always trying to get Denzel & Morgan Freeman to cry "RACISM". I'm sick of it to the point that i believe racism exists much more against whites than blacks in the world today but i wont cry about it. My ancestors better not dare seek reparations when history is told. I'm Irish & my kin suffered too but they helped build a better society for me to thrive in, just like Denzel

  7. Denzel Washington talks about black americans as people, instead of as blacks. Dems like to treat blacks as blacks, to, limit them manipulate them.

  8. And what's up with being a garbage man. Nothing..but all black men in America should listen to this man.what if really you arnt good enough for the job. And somebody else gets it.dont get me wrong the world is full of racists of all colour.. But there's nothing wrong with any job. At least you are making an HONEST living

  9. It was simply "TRAINING DAY" . And George Floyd was part of the days lesson…LT. Harris

  10. What a brilliant man. The anti-woke, open-minded, universal artist. I wish they were all like him.

  11. This guy is trying to bait Denzel with all he has. Denzel just gives another perspective

  12. Denzel is a classy actor. He certainly cares about his craft and will not be sullied by baited questions.
    A brilliant artist.

  13. Danzel is awesome. This guy talking to him is a idiot and needs to go home and make his boyfriends sandwich.

  14. He is an amazing person…………."Whatcha doing to do about it" ………..that's true about all of us really……what are you going to do about your talent and what befalls you?

  15. Denzel Washington with a net worth of $300 million and this clown is trying to get him to say he was held back because he is black.
    Where can I get some of that discrimination, because I need it bad?

  16. The devil circled Jesus and tried to tempt him but Jesus was the son of God and Jesus resisted the devil and the devil slithered away; we too are told to resist the devil and he will flee. Good Man, Denzel speaking truth with dignity and not getting caught in the trap of teaching the world to hate or blame.

  17. If Denzel had been America's first Black president we might be in a much better place today.

  18. I like Denzel Washington he is a good man and makes great movies. My favorite is Clint Eastwood and Denzel maybe has a ways to go but he is getting there.

  19. My Islamists we know that your people have lot of oil money . And you're have invested in intellectuals. Who became your propaganda machine. But your time is up. We are telling truth to this people who've been brainwashed. And they are changing. Wait till the November presidential Donald j trump. Is coming back.

  20. I can't believe Islamists who s ancestors genocided. 300 million people throughout the history. Comes to America and talks about racism. By your standards you ancestors sins is taking you to absolute hell. Mr Islamists

  21. I love this actor. I am SURE we would disagree about some things and that would be alright; which seems to be the whole point of what he's about!

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