Diana Ross & the Supremes host Hollywood Palace (2 of 5)
Aired 03/08/1969
— Soupy Sales (comedian)
Donald McKayle (dancer-choreographer) and Diana Ross dance to “Soulful Strut”


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  1. +proverbs1824 get a freakin life. You act like you knew these ladies intimately when you don't. Ross did sell the Supremes. That's a fact. Don't go re-writing history to suit your pointless eagle profile bs. When HDH left Motown, they never had a repeat of the success they had with the Supremes. Ross's sound, charm, stage presence, and energetic light helped catapult that group from every day 60's girl group to International superstardom. Everyone's heard Flo and Mary's lead voices. It didn't work. They flopped trying that sh*t. Get over it. Gordy was genius to keep the faith in using Ross as lead. From Motown to Showtunes to Country, Ross could carry all that versatility with sophistication, soul, groove, and finesse. I will say the original lineup of the group will always be the pop culture icons, with the Birdsong years a close second, but that's about it. Gordy and Ross's infamous affair began in '65 after this group already had a half dozen #1 songs, gold and platinum albums, and top 40 hits and were international phenoms by then. So, no, she didn't sleep her way to the top. She was already there. So GTFOH.

  2. do it again miss ross show em it's you, it was a long time ago but, you did it, and thanks

  3. The reason he chose Diana as lead singer can be summed up in a few words —>high soprano, articulate singing voice.

  4. A lot of that had to do with Florence who couldn't dance so things were kept simple. When Cindy joined the group they started to do more dance routines and serious dancing since they could pull it off.

  5. @badgyrl310 I've read that Motown choreographer Cholly Atkins, who created the astonishing dance routines for the Temptations (it helped they were athletes in school) developed the hand movements and gestures for the Supremes because it was felt they didn't have the capacity for serious dancing–and if they did, they couldn't do it in the form-fitting, ankle-length dresses they usually wore on stage.

  6. Personally I think Barry Gordy did the right thing in naming Diana Ross as the lead singer of the Supremes. I've heard all of the Supremes (Mary Wilson, Cindy Birdsong and Florence Ballard) and Diana had the more distinctive voice that was geared for the kind of songs they were doing! I do think that Florence Ballard could have had a GREAT solo career with the right material. Florence Ballard should have been promoted as a separate artist. Motown would have made money from TWO artists!

  7. Wow! It's hard to take your eyes off of Diana – she really does have that other wordly STAR magic!

  8. TheReturnOfBigBear What's your fixation with me? I made it clear to you, I don't do Drag Queens & Transexuals, only real men the thought of you in wig is repulsive!
    Diane Ross at this point was well on her way to collect her bargain with Motown/Berry Gordy who she had been screwing for years for that "solo career"
    No wonder they call her "THE BERRY GORDY MOTOWN WHORE"

  9. You all should see the clip of Diana dancing with Sammy Davis Jr. too. She was really amazing in that number as well.

  10. @TheMotownIgnorance Stop your delusions and get your facts in order, by now Diane had Florence ousted from the group, was doing & blowing Berry, Mary help Cindy into the situation because as time would prove, THE QUINTESSENTIAL SUPREME (1959-1977) would be the "catalyst" that kept THE SUPREMES alive, long after Diane "ABANDON" the group in1969 and today "CONTROLS" their legacy, something "Missy" never will!
    Diane bows every performance of "Baby Love" thanks to that legacy!

  11. A SuperStar was born this night. I had been a Supremes fan since day 1 and everytime they were on TV they got better and better but Diana was exploding onto the scene. I recall this show as being THE night that I knew she was going to be around forever. Mary & Cindy were great, but Diana was………..SUPREME.

  12. If you liked this, check this one out.( Diana Ross&Sammy Davis Jr. – SING&DANCE! )

  13. Now…that's Dancing with the stars ! Miss Ross take all the 10's… 10 10 10 across the board!

  14. People fail to REALize there are always Standouts in a group. Diana was the standout of the supremes. not to say the others werent good singers. of course they were Or they would not have been in the group Period. Michael was the Standout of the Jackson Five. although Jermaine Jackie could sing. David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks.were the Temptations..tho All could sing.even today. Beyonce and Justin were The standouts of their groups.although the others could sing. but who survived? Justin and Bey.

  15. diana screwed her way to the top..and I suppose Mary Virgin Wilson who banged TOm Jones, Steve Mcqueen, Flip Wilson was just as pure as the driven snow? Yeah yellow snow. . I suppose the six no.1s diana got as a Solo. an two without any supremes or HdH came from her sleeping around. Mary said in her book she had a boyfriend in every city. now it that aint a SLUT I dont know what is. You need to Read her own book she admitted she slept with married men. who shoved things down her throat!

  16. lol. Propaganda is funny. Clearly there are millions who prefer Diana as a solo artist. I am one of them. Correction. Alone, Diana became a legend in her own right.

  17. I have never seen this before! Diana nailed that dance routine! That's a bad woman!

  18. In fact, 'he' looked like he was tryin' too hard!!!!
    It didn't work so well to me. Hers was much more natural to 'me'!

  19. oh—my—-god!!!! the dance routine??? I remember seeing that when it aired. WOW…that's why they call her MISS Ross!! Awesome!!!

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