Todd Phillips (‘Joker’), Martin Scorsese (‘The Irishman’), Lulu Wang (‘The Farewell’), Noah Baumbach (‘Marriage Story’), Greta Gerwig (‘Little Women’), and Fernando Meirelles (‘The Two Popes’) join Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter for this season’s FULL, uncensored Directors Roundtable.

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49 thoughts on “Directors Roundtable: Todd Phillips, Martin Scorsese, Greta Gerwig, Noah Baumbach | Close Up

  1. Each time Scorsese mentioned King of Comedy I was having panic attacks for Todd Phillips.

  2. I love Lulu now. Idk if was just me but I feel bad when it’s clear she has something to say yet gets ignored :/ this bud has given me such a new respect for them all

  3. The great thing about gathering these incredible filmmakers around a table is that they say all the things they wouldn’t say in a one on one interview. They all have things in common, things they didn’t even know they had in common. Now they can bounce off each other and discuss the art of filmmaking rather than the business of filmmaking. They discuss philosophy rather than method. Great video!

  4. I think director's from all over the world can part of this platform I guess. it will be a big opportunity to those country who still believe in cinema. It's opening for new perspective I thing . Lots of good storys take place in this era , good content, new director's, new way of thinking. I feel cinema it self a universal language.A small good potential movie can be part of in this stage will reach in a larger scale.

  5. Deve ter algum outro brasileiro aí que deu um pulo qndo ouviu Fernando Meirelles né???? Ou fui só eu? ;-;

  6. Okay but can this man stop cutting off people in the middle of a very valuable opinion!?!?

  7. I like the way that all explain their feelings and inspirations of this great art

  8. It's all about the money, money, money……. Five men ………….. Two Women………… Powerful Men…….. where are the powerful women? Perhaps I'm missing something? Tarantino is under the table, is there a female equivalent who should be under the table? Please excuse me ignorance!!

  9. I've worked with Bryce Dessner, Woodkid, Milena Canonero (this lady won 4 oscars!!) on a lyrical project. Bryce composed the score to " The two popes" by Mr. Meirelles, around this very table! 🙂

  10. Hi guys! I'm Théo Goldberg, Opera Singer. I sing beautiful baritone arias. Check my channel 🙂
    See you all 😊

  11. the looks of admiration and little smiles Martin Scorsese is giving Lulu is adorable
    love to see it

  12. I've just discovered you… BRILLIANT!! But id love to see a discussion with actors and directors around the same table….. That would be a discussion!! Keep up the great work!!

  13. You could spend a day with Scorsese without talking about film and still have a great time!

  14. Okay why aren't there black directors here? Or Latino? And only 2 women? Nah, man.

  15. Scorsese has been making movies for so long that he has a reference point for almost everything the younger guys had problems with, from distribution to your film bombing to shooting in other countries.

  16. If emma stone moderate this table, she'll be like: here's our speaker today greta gerwig, lulu, and (roll eyes) 4 other men

  17. i am very surprised at how many people in the comment section are hating on phillips and joker. when i saw it in the the theatre, it had a very deep impact on me, i haven't felt this way at movies in a long time, yet it never felt even a bit controversial to me, just a great film. very emotionally powerful. if i remember correctly, the audience applauded when the credits started rolling. i guess opinions are like assholes, everybody has one smh

  18. Idont know why but I enjoyed every second of this.. they seem very good and humble people that happened to be great directors

  19. This is Amazing! I couldnt resist but to write. This Roundtable of Directors have what it takes to make The Film. I am so glad I saw this. I have learned final peaces of what I needed to put my mind on the final hick up … I will make film and tell stories, feelings, landscapes with picture and sound… People and their stories enrich our days, and lives After watching film …good film That was Created With Intent and passion and bit of luck always takes me to places …live through stories… This I Beautiful.

  20. See Greta subtly sending Noam death threats should he reveal too much about their personal lives at 20:19

  21. Every time the interviewer opens his mouth I cringe. His questions are so badly phrased, absolutely no flow or rhythm to his interviewing. Absolutely dogshit, Hollywood reporter please stop letting Stephen dumb cunt Galloway into these round tables. I beg of you please get someone else

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