Disney blocks John Oliver’s new episode critical of India’s PM Modi

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16 thoughts on “Disney blocks John Oliver’s new episode critical of India’s PM Modi

  1. This recent episode wasn’t even that tell-all. His original coverage of modi was more spot on. But if this raises more awareness about the nutty situation on ground there, more props to him.

  2. > Disney-owned Hotstar, India’s largest on-demand video streaming service with more than 300 million users, has blocked the newest episode of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”

    The title didn’t make sense to me since HBO is owned by AT&T not Disney. It’s a Disney subsidiary in India blocking the show…. in India

  3. A giant corporation prioritizing profits over human life and the free flow of information?

    Wow, never suspected this might happen. /s

  4. Not surprised to also hear that Disney+ is collapsing, maybe they shouldn’t muzzle people.

  5. There are rumors of Disney looking at opening a theme park in India. Key executives have made several trips there. Makes you wonder.

  6. John Oliver is on HBO, which is owned by AT&T. Where does Disney fit in?

  7. It’s on Youtube, it’s still out there. Disney is trying to censor something they have no control of.

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