Disney CEO says households without kids have boosted streaming success

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20 thoughts on “Disney CEO says households without kids have boosted streaming success

  1. Wait. You mean to tell me that households with no kids have more disposable income?


  2. Here in finland they’re piloting something called Disney Star that has a TON of movies, all the 20th Century Fox ones. It’s pretty great. Will probably hit America soon.

  3. But how does Disney know they’re households without children? Is there a question about children when you sign up? I’m confused lmao.

  4. It’s almost like the people who grew up with the animated movies are now in their 20s and early 30s, and most of them are putting off having children untill they’re in their mid-30s

  5. The trick is that adults are children too. Just… old ones.

    The wonders of biology! 😎

  6. I don’t have children and there is nothing on Disney + that interests me (not a SW or Marvel fan). Seems like it’s the family streaming service. At least for right now.

  7. That’s interesting because I don’t feel a need for it, but if I had kids (I don’t) I think I would absolutely get Disney+

  8. Man I would love if Disney would make a combined app with Disney Plus and Hulu.

  9. I’m not an adult without kids who literally just finished Soul on Disney+. Wait…

  10. this adult household just cancelled Disney. nothing to watch, and so many classics are not on there as I expected

  11. Uh oh Pablo Pascal is holding Gina Caranos arm in that photo. Prepare the pitchforks and torches. People shall condemn him by proxy!

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