Disney park employees panic as parks remain open amid pandemic

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8 thoughts on “Disney park employees panic as parks remain open amid pandemic

  1. Supposed to meet my family in Orlando tonight – to visit the parks this weekend. Should I cancel?

  2. And if all employees threatened to walk off the job Disney would have to listen then. They could not possibly refill all those positions. Disneys duty , is to their employees and their customers. Creating a place where this could spread even more rapidly is not being responsible. Hey what did you get at Disney? Sick s what I got.

  3. They’re not the only ones. I’m in the entertainment industry in Switzerland and it’s been killing me to go onstage and do shows where I have to touch and kiss and be close to like 50 coworkers onstage. They’ve only really passed measures to protect the audience, not the performers. I feel for the Disney employees

  4. Not just the parks. Their offices too. Including in a state where the governor has declared a public health emergency and strongly suggested people work from home.

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