Disney Plus to Stream ‘Frozen 2’ Three Months Early ‘During This Challenging Period’

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28 thoughts on “Disney Plus to Stream ‘Frozen 2’ Three Months Early ‘During This Challenging Period’

  1. It’s a small gesture but a welcomed one. All these parent working from home and stuck inside with their kids all day will appreciate it I’m sure.

  2. Fuck it, just stream everything you planned to release in theaters this year on Disney+.

  3. They’re doing this because no one is using Disney+ since The Mandalorian ended.

  4. Frozen 2 is maybe the most baffling movie I’ve ever seen from Disney.

    It legit confused me. What is the conflict? Who is the villain? What is the lizard? Why are there Native Americans!?!?

    The most confusing Native Americans in an animated Disney movie since the ones on Peter Pan’s island.

  5. Yes. Let’s praise Disney for doubt this while sitting atop their dragon’s hoard of plunder

  6. Lucky they didn’t picked the new star wars film for this, cause that one is a dumpster fire.

  7. Sounds like a great way to get more people on Disney+ while they’re stuck inside for the next month…

  8. Well that’s great for all the children. I’ll stick to my favorite 90s classics during this hideout. Frozen II was a big disappointment for this millennial.

  9. That’s nice but for most people and especially those in the most infected countries: ” **Sorry, Disney+ is not available in your country.** “

  10. Otherwise known as, Disney desperate to get there stock price up after a 40% fall in a week and keeps fans sedated long enough to not think about the parks closing down

  11. Just goes to show that Disney and all other streaming services CHOOSE to withhold the movie on their streaming service to maximize profits at the box office.

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