Disney Skyliner Crowds After Epcot Forever – Hollywood Studios Fireworks From The Gondolas

After watching the world premier of Epcot Forever, we made our exit to the International Gateway to ride the Disney Skyliner back to Hollywood Studios. We take a look at the crowd levels after leaving Epcot and the time it takes to board the Disney Skyliner. Check out the flight over the Caribbean Beach and then watch the Hollywood Studios fireworks from inside the gondola.

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35 thoughts on “Disney Skyliner Crowds After Epcot Forever – Hollywood Studios Fireworks From The Gondolas

  1. I think it's prettier at night than during the day if that's possible

  2. Thank you so much for this! I was planning to do this to get back to CBR but wasn't sure what to expect in crowds. I know there were no crowds at CBR when you arrived but if there was a crowd, would you have to enter the line at the beginning as a transfer or is there a special transfer line?

  3. I like Disney. Top of ramp view is why I don't go often. Am I only 1 that saw that double stroller, with kids old enough to know better in it? That gets annoying. If your kid is 5-8 years old – they dont need a stroller that clogs up space with thousands of people around. Now, I understand they may be a handful without it. Sure, I get that. But its so friggin annoying see mom pushing strollers that should be for actual toddlers, and you walk around them and see kids. Everyones first thought is – those must be brats she cant control.

  4. When we rode last week, it was a pretty breezy day. You could feel the effects of the wind on the gondola. I wonder what wind is too much…

  5. We were just there Wednesday and thursday… stayed at pop century and lucked into a skyliner ride.. we knew it opened, just didnt know it was connected to the resort..

  6. Lot longer in the disabled que we was waiting one hour 25 minutes to enter a disabled carridge with my grandsons wheel chair as only one in 20 is for disabled once your in you can be waiting 5 minutes to join the main line, not good if your disabled needs sorting

  7. Long time follower of the skyliner. Would like your opinion on the accident the other day.

  8. if you had a preference of which cab you wanted to ride in, can you make your request to the castmember up front? Or is it a matter of luck?

  9. Finally, this video show how long it waits in the line. Good video. Thanks.

  10. This is now shut down indefinitely. Disney didn't operate it properly and caused a huge accident.

  11. Thanks for the time (line) update.. Things happen .. the accident will be figured out and no one was hurt .. I'll be on it when i come to visit for sure!

  12. Wonder how many people actually "need" to use that instead of the number of people that are there that just "want" to use it. I think at night, you should only be using that of you need to get back to your hotel, If you're trying to get to HS, use the bus.

  13. is there a map that shows where you get on the Skyliners? hopefully the quirks will be all worked out when I go in December. So bad about last nite's snafu.

  14. Very surprised to come on here and not see a video from PttP waiting about the crash. Highlights both some incredibly poor planning and training on Disney's part, but also even worse PR from Disney. Their official statement of "An unexpected incident" makes them look like a real bunch of assholes, and I say this as a lifelong fan and regular park go-er.

  15. We are going to ride Disneys Skyliner again again and again as many times as we can

  16. 10-6-2019 Saturday it's after 9pm. Your "beautiful" skyliner has crashed in the station. People have been stuck in this albatross for over an hour. The skyliner has been open for about a week. What positive "beautiful" and "amazing" comments do you have now? I can't wait for your next skyliner video to hear how you cover this one up.

  17. The lines will be much shorter when the newness wears off and people use it as transportation and not as another attraction

  18. This is the most telling thing I’ve seen showing how beneficial the Skyliner is to WDW.
    We were at WDW last October. After Epcot magic hours, we waited in line for almost an hour to get on a bus to POR.

  19. We usually watch the show somewhere around Japan. When the show is finished, we love to just sit, listen to the music and watch people leave. After about 20 min or so, we enjoy strolling through the almost empty park. I guess, by that time, the wait for the Skyliner is pretty much back to normal.

  20. Your daughter made me smile. She is silly just like my girls were at her age. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  21. How long did it take from once you entered skyliner to arrival at Caribbean beach.

  22. Thank you Rob . Great to see how it looks riding at night. Great views of the Fireworks.

  23. Just curious want the time would be on the Skyliner from Hollywood Studios to International gateway after fireworks in Hollywood Studios. Would you be able to compare if the boats or Skyliner would be faster…just curious

  24. My only wish was if it was main Street at Christmas would be my favorite site to see

  25. Thanks. I've seen several videos of the gondola ride but this was the first that showed the queue and the boarding process. Thanks for posting!

  26. The should play music and now, the fireworks music on board!!Wright?

  27. Thanks for info. Im in wheelchair and this would be easier then bus

  28. definitely, have to lower the volume during the latter half of this one.

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