Welcome to the grand reopening of Disneys Hollywood Studios!! Super excited to bring you the world premiere and first look at the new Hollywood Studios. Wanted to make it as much as an old vlog of mine! Please go ahead and support the channel by subscribing! Thanks everyone and enjoy Disneys reopening of hollywood studios.


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46 thoughts on “Disney World Reopens! Hollywood Studios: What To Expect

  1. I bought that mask your wearing and it is super hot! Way hotter than my ordinary mask.

  2. Hi from tucson arizona thanks for having me along for the ride in disney this is so much fun I'm glad your having so much fun during these times

  3. Were you paid by Disney for this video, or did you receive any benefit from Disney?

  4. This is so cool! Thank you. We have reservations for the end of .January. Hoping shows are back running…

  5. The people who board the ship wearing the face masks is hysterical. It’s like corona virus has traveled to a galaxy far far away.😂

  6. My friends and I went to the preview yesterday too but we thought it would be smart to wait out the morning crowds for Rise and ended up not going until 2pm. BIG MISTAKE! We ended up waiting 4.5 hours and find out after we rode that the attraction broke down (8) times while we were waiting and nobody told us! Although Rise itself was AMAZING the experience waiting before was NOT a good time but luckily we still were able to finish the rest of the DHS attractions afterwards 🙂

  7. And yet another great video, your vlogs always amaze me. You’re such an inspiration 😭. Also I’m gonna need you to teach me your secrets of how you get such a high score on toy story mania 🤣

  8. Do you think that rise of the resistance will stay a walk on? Or do you think people will still have to make reservations? I'm going in a week and a half and I'm so paranoid that I could miss going on this ride lol!

  9. I’ve been able to go on Rise of the Resistance at both Hollywood Studios and at Disneyland. It is a an amazing Experience! I would love to have to stop and wait in a line in the room with the storm troopers..they always seem to rush you through it and it is such a great room!

  10. "What to expect." Sickness, death, more refrigerator trucks for body storage, more funerals and over worked grave diggers!! 💀👎👎

  11. Is this Cast Members Preview? I'll wait until there's a video after the 15th. I enjoy your videos the most but I'm a bit "burned out" from all this WDW News while the rest of Florida is sick and dying! Please take care of yourself (and JoJo and Lora too) — hope your State does better soon so I can visit Orlando in October!!! I've already cancelled twice and if I have to cancel again, I'm done with Florida forever!

  12. Oh yes one of the best rides. I went on it in Disneyland right before the park closed.

  13. I just go to go on Rise the Resistance for the first time in Disneyland right before they closed it.

  14. So great to see Hollywood studios and you guys look like have fun great to see you Kyle

  15. I have been on it once, It was very difficult to get on the ride as I am in a wheelchair. I wish they had made the vehicles wheelchair accessible it would be much easier for people like me.

  16. I rode it once, It was the best amusement park experience I ever had, but I had to get a boarding pass unlike you. guys.

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