A visit to ReOpened Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World.


44 thoughts on “Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Now Open at Walt Disney World – Low Capacity Theme Park Experience

  1. A lot of memories for me at the studios as well. A bit of a different place in recent years though. Still cool. Thanks, Adam.👍🏼🤘🏼😎

  2. Losses a 60 dollar hat( was that the price) and dont even ask to get it back. Must be nice to have lots of money

  3. Check with guest services at Hollywood Studios. They may have your hat. My friend lost her glasses on the haunted mansion and she got them back the next day.

  4. I’m so heartbroken Hollywood studios was completely reserved up until the 23. I needed up going to magic kingdom yesterday it’ was amazing low crowds walk on all rides except splash mountain. But that was due to sanitation. I wanna do Hollywood studios before I leave next week

  5. Adam why didn't you ask a Staff member about your hat as it would of been handed in to the Lost property dept. Try asking next time you go.

  6. Dani looking fine, Rides interesting, rest station, how do you rest standing up? While it looks to be fun, ride times are way to long even in "low Capacity,"

  7. You wouldn't have lost your hat if you had use the string that it had that's what the string was used for hanging around your neck

  8. The world lost Ken "Chi Pig" Chin of SNFU recently. Any kind words out for him, Adam? I'm sure your pals in Guttermouth are feeling pretty down about it too.

  9. Great to see you having fun and taking precautions. Wash your hands as much as possible. Be safe in Florida.

  10. Hand wash with soap and. Hot. Water, just like surgeons do. I read that was better but sanitizer good too. My go to is the CDC. Despite the current executive order they are the most respected disease control organization, worldwide. 🌎

  11. Curious to know why Tim Tracker doesn't hang around with you guys. Yourself in particular…….I feel he's got to big for his boots now. Thinking he's King Pin. I never watch his vlogs now. Always support the little guys. Jackie, Nate, Micah etc

  12. Let's go to Disney World during a pandemic 👍👍👍 Shame on you Disney and a Retarded Florida governor 👎👎👎👎👎😷😷😷😷😷🤬🤬🤬

  13. Too bad you lost your cool hat. And now you need to get a new hat to go with your new umbrella! So now the entire park is open wow I’m glad. We are going to have to live with the C word wherever we Ron. Just have to remain diligent about face mask handwashing etc.. very interesting to be living in this time with a pandemic.
    I think it’s great that you bring enjoyment to us all out here and you too bland Adam and keep having fun. I like that you shaved your beard it’s becoming on you and is it my imagination or is our friend Adam shrinking?

  14. Does he think the stupid dear hunter getup will protect him from covid🤣😂🤣

  15. Yay! Another chance meeting with Tim Tracker! You two are so funny! This makes 3 runs-ins now (MK, EPCOT and Studios)?

  16. I’d really love to go when it’s that empty! I went on December 26th and it was packed! I mean packed! And I’m very, very short so it was a bit claustrophobic for me. I still had a wonderful time, but I’d really like the parks like that! Thank you Adam!

  17. Hand washing is much more effective than hand sanitizer and the fans will help circulate the air preventing the virus if it exists from staying in the same spot and dispersing

  18. STOP! Using Disney and Universal as your little gateway for your dumb ass videos! In the very near future you are going to be completely shut down! These are words from both parks!

  19. This new series should be called, " Watch me go to theme parks and hang out with my friends."

  20. to me I feel like hand washing gets the job done better than hand sanitizers, it just feels like you actually cleaned your hands
    **it’s been 3 times? since you’ve encountered with tim I love it

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