Today I head to Hollywood Studios to look for new merch! On the way in I notice they have uncovered a bunch of the Character Skyliner Cars!! Inside, I watch the Citizens, then shop my way through the Carthay Circle – Once Upon a Time Store. This store is located on Sunset Blvd. It is the last store on the left before the Beauty and the Beast Amphitheater. Follow along!

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17 thoughts on “Disney's Hollywood Studios Shopping – Once Upon a Time Store – May 2019

  1. Loving the new merch Jen and thx you again for being awesome and spoiling us with these video. Love from Canada

  2. Love shopping with you! I would love those ears too but wouldn’t dare purchase them, always hurts the head 🙃. I laughed when you said that shirt wasn’t worth the price because it didn’t have enough material to justify the price… lol.

  3. That location for the smoking section was so poorly planned. The line for the Epcot Boats gets backed up frequently and will be right next to it. They will be only a few feet away from the people smoking. Not great for asthmatics or even people with allergies. Disney needs to move that location away from where people are forced to wait in line.

  4. YES SMOKE STINKS we all know that
    Im a non smoker but I go to Disney with smokers it doesn't just make it difficult for smokers it makes it difficult for a family to have no smoking in the parks. People will now smoke anywhere they can IN THE PARKS.

  5. Nice selection of new t shirts😍,always pick up a few on our trip over,need to be cotton for us or we just melt😬great vlog 😊

  6. Oh. I need that infant set in Minnie. That’s so cute. Oh and those rose gold and American ears. Sold. So cute.

  7. Hi Jen another hit I had to laugh at how excited you were this is part of what makes your vlogs so good loved the merchandise enjoyed thank you

  8. I’m sorry if the new smoking areas are going to bother everyone. They should have left them where they were. These people are paying to go to the parks just like everyone else. Those that were breaking the rule should have been told to leave. There are plenty that were using the smoking areas as they were supposed to. I tired of hearing that smokers being treated as second class citizens. And no I don’t smoke anymore.

  9. Watching replay. Had to do homework with the little one. Would rather be at Disney!!!

  10. I cant wait to watch the gondolas fly by in person!! Love the citizens of hollywood!! That was really awesome. Another fantastic video! Thank you!!!

  11. Thanks Jen. I can't wait to get to Disney to see all the things that I can buy. They have so many cute things. I say I'm going to buy a lot but I will only have a certain amount of money. Thanks for sharing.

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