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Disney+’s new ‘Star Wars’ series ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ hasn’t caught on with audiences as quickly as ‘The Mandalorian’

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33 thoughts on “Disney+’s new ‘Star Wars’ series ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ hasn’t caught on with audiences as quickly as ‘The Mandalorian’

  1. The chase scene in the last episode could have been great if it weren’t for the ridiculous fisherprice looking scooters the gang were using it didn’t even seem that fast

  2. I’m digging it. It’s more a show about Tatooine, but using Fett’s story as guidance into that. I appreciate the idea of the mystery of the character, but I like the story they’re telling. I’m not a crazy huge Star Wars fan though, and Fett has long been my favourite character, so I’m content with more content.

  3. Boba Fett wasn’t ever good enough. He was cool and badass to kids decades ago. No show can come in and create a personality that will be better than what those kids imagined. This is why The Mandolorian worked so well. He has the same iconic look without any history attached. Sprinkle on some baby yoda magic and boom, you got a hit.

  4. I’m really enjoying it because I like the slower pace and deeper exploration of Tatooinian underworld politics, but I definitely understand why it wouldn’t be everyone’s jam. Also, not quite sold on the Cyberpunker Rangers bit…

  5. Because Robert Rodriguez is really anything special anymore

    Second episode, which had a different director, was highly praised amongst the fandom. A lot of fans are disappointed right now for the most part. Boba is a character that’s been gone for 40 years and *this* was the return he had. So far it’s not looking all that great but, they’ve got time to turn it around. I hope they do

  6. It’s simply because, thus far, it’s simply not as good.

    Don’t get me wrong: it’s not bad and I’m enjoying it fine. But it’s not AS good. And, as others have said, Baby Yoda is probably the big difference.

    But, I think people are having a problem with how Fett is being portrayed too. So far, he’s acting much different than what I think people expected. It’s almost a “deconstructed” version of the character and I don’t think it’s resonating with people. I’d like to see if this is still true after the season concludes, see what the character arc winds up being, because I have a feeling he’s not always going to be this way… and, if he DOES stay like this, I wonder if people will accept a character they otherwise find interesting but different than what they expected.

  7. I’m just wondering what Din Djarin is doing. I think that I was kind of put off that Boba Fett doesn’t always have his helmet on.

  8. I’m just tired. Being bombarded with shows. I haven’t seen any of the marvel ones after falcon and winter soldier. I barely got through the Witcher. There’s just so much content coming right now I don’t have time to watch everything and live my life.

  9. I don’t dislike the show, I just think is is a little slow moving. Also, and I know I will get tons of hate for saying this, I don’t understand the fascination with Boba Fett. My husband argues with me all the time because he LOVES the character. I was always a fan of Han, Luke, Obi Wan…. Plus didn’t Fett disintegrate Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru? I mean are we just going to gloss over that?

  10. They started the series off with super slow ass episodes and then wonder why people aren’t into it.

    They should have started us off with 3 banger episodes then threw in the slow character building episodes throughout the rest.

  11. It’s not great. I wanted to love it and I keep trucking along, but it’s not holding my attention at all.

  12. I watched it last night and lasted about 15 minutes. Didn’t really do it for me. It doesn’t have the magic of The Mandolorean.

  13. It really lost me when he didn’t grease that one guy who demanded tribute. Like I don’t want to see another bad guy become good, I just wanted to see Fett be a badass crime kingpin

  14. We didn’t need another show about a different Mandalorian. We already had one of those

  15. I hope they pick up the pace for TBOBF. It’s like they designed it for anyone who watched the Phantom Menace and thought it would be fun discussing Trade Federation disputes, without the pesky distractions of the light sabers, Jedi, and space-stuff.

  16. I’m loving it personally. The expanding lore of the Sand people was awesome, and I’m sure the reveal of whoever the actual big bad guy is will be huge.

  17. I mean every show isn’t gonna be as popular as mandolorian. I don’t get why this is a big deal

  18. Ming Na is miscast, and Boba Fett exists in peoples mind as the helmeted version. Not some bald wrinkled senior citizen that just got out of a sleep pod from the matrix.

  19. It’s not as good?

    I’ve watched each episode. Nothing crazy exciting aside from a few moments imo.

    Only now in episode 3 am I getting the character motivation clear, so perhaps it’ll pick up.

  20. This show reminds me of Hawkeye in the sense that it would probably benefit from being released all at once. Hawkeye (and Boba Fett so far) was a slow burn. I really enjoyed it but there where a couple weeks where I just wanted to move things along.

  21. I just wish they would move beyond the movie timelines. It’s just exhausted at this point. Best star wars story I’ve experienced since the OT are the KOTOR games. Takes place 4000 years before OT. So much untapped potential.

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